12 December 2012


It might be cold but this is my favourite kind of weather; Snippet's too. The moon has been stunning in the early morning, in this case with a little vapour trail underlining it. This next one was taken the next morning when the rising sun was catching two more vapour trails. 

Here you can see how hard the frost was; almost like snow. The light was breathtaking; real "sky-blue-pink" as my Grandfather used to say to describe any colour he couldn't put his finger on. I haven't heard that phrase for years.

After lunch, Snippet and I struck out over the rock hard ground. Such a relief to come home with clothes not covered in muddy splashes. The frost was unchanged, despite the winter sun.

The detail on the ice puddles had changed again into finer, more intricate patterns.


I love the way the frost remains within the shadow lines here.....

....and the marsh is solid. I have disturbed three Snipe this week and, as usual, failed miserably to even get a blurry picture. One day.....

We have had coal on the fire for the last few days. The first time this year. It had been our intention to be as carbon neutral as possible with our heating but unless we are in all day, it's just impossible to use wood when it gets this cold. There is something wrong with our stove as if you shut it down with wood, it just goes out instead of ticking over. Most days, thanks to our super-efficient french foil roof insulation that we put on all the walls, we don't have to light the fire until 7.00pm. That gives us hot water for the next day, and the heat is retained enough in the house to keep us warm....ish till the following night. This picture is of yesterday's frost and the next of today's snow at the same site:

Not a huge difference really. It wasn't a huge fall and had more impact on the road than the grass, other than our garden, which is still covered! These pictures are from this morning.

Coming down the drive

Sitting on a cairn. That dog has no respect.


Looking particularly handsome

View from Trigger's field

Betty nibbling at tiny new gorse shoots

I think this is the pony I did the sketch of but, with all that fur, it's difficult to tell

Rain is forecast for the South West so all this will soon be gone. Unfortunately, given the temperatures, we will probably be attempting to drive to school on a glacier tomorrow morning as a result. It's the Christmas play so we MUST get in.  Until next time....I hope the rest of your week goes well and here is a wet bearded Snippet.


  1. those icy pics are stunning!
    Interesting that you say it is Snippets favourite kind of weather. My old dog was skipping about like a puppy today, must be the frost under their toes!

  2. I love the photo of the moon and pinky vapour trails.Beautiful.

    I meant to say thanks for the top tip about turning off that verification nonsense,people are talking more to me now!!! x

  3. I love this weather, too! When the sun slowly rises through the frozen mist it looks so magical.

  4. My dad (a Devon man) used to say sky-blue-pink too! LOVE your icy puddles - the patterns reminded me of the lacing on dragonfly wings, and then the circles were like bulging dragonfly eyes!

    Such beautifully atmospheric photos, as always. Thank you for sharing - though they brought on a shiver!

    Give Snippet a hug from me, and safe journeys tomorrow.

  5. I'm back! Sorry I've not been on lately! (did you notice?) ;)
    Stunning pics-I have been taking the camera out in the mornings whilst feeding animals before work; but mine never look like this! x

  6. Oh, just lovely. The photos of the frost on the grass superb.

    I wish we'd had the time to come up on to the moor while it was so beautiful.

    As you say, all gone tomorrow and back to rain. Yuk!

  7. Really enjoyed my ramble through your winter wonderland. I think a case of the 'bleak midwinter'! But SO majestic. I never heard the expression 'sky-blue-pink' from my Devon relations, but it is spot on.

  8. Kath - I'm sure you're right about the frost under their toes and he prefers to eat ice than drink water.

    Rachel - I can't believe nobody told me about it for months and months. It's absolutely infuriating isn't it! See you at the play tonight.

    Chinecats - As long as you're wrapped up warm, I would rather have a wintery sunny day than a summery one. No sweat involved!

    BB - I use the phrase with Origami Boy so I hope it will continue down the line.

    There's a definite shivery colour palate going on isn't there! Snippet has been hugged and thank you - we made it in fine this morning.

    Cindy - It is isn't it. I'm sure you get a lot of it yourself!

    Jopsy - I did notice. Miss you and your blog....can't redirect unless there's one there!

    Rusty D - I imagine you're too busy with your plumbing crisis to get up here. I hope it's going better and that things will be resolved before Christmas.

    Caroline - My Grandfather was born within the sound of Bow Bells so I think it's generational rather than Devon although he did come down here as a teenager after WW1 quite a lot. I'm going to look it up and see what I can find out....


  9. Beautiful, shivery-cold photographs!

  10. Icy cold Dartmoor, gorgeous photos as always, Snippet is such a lucky dog.....

  11. DW - The temperature has gone up ten degrees centigrade over night and it's miserable. Give me cold and crisp any day!

    Thelma - Snippet is incredibly lucky. He comes with me everywhere and gets the kind of walk most dogs get as a treat every day. All he lacks is a friend and I'm working on that.....


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