12 January 2013


Something very strange is going on and I'd appreciate your opinions on the phenomena in question. Whilst idly perusing the 'stats' section of the blog the day after posting the 'MACRO POST' on Wednesday, I was shocked to see it had had an inordinately large number of page views in the space of a few hours. Nearly as many as the infamous and worryingly popular 'FRISKY FOAL NUMBER 2' has had in over eight months at 123. Today, page views are up to over 540 and rising. I've tried putting in a Google search for 'Macro', 'post', 'macro post' and none of them bring up this blog on the first few pages so I just don't know what's going on. I've used the word 'MACRO' again in this post title to see if that might be the trigger but who knows. 

On a less mysterious note, on Thursday there were amazingly specific mists running along every river valley and stream as far as I could see over the surrounding countryside. I had to think hard about which some of the smaller ones were as, once you're down in the lanes, it's difficult to place exactly where you are. Here are some pictures I took; I think they look like the land is on fire:

A few weeks ago, for the first time ever, I won a prize on Elizabeth Wix's fabulous blog 'About New York' 

It was a voucher for a web site called Novica which is great other than the fact that they failed to mention the courier would be charging me an £11.00 handling fee! Anyway, I chose a lovely cushion cover made and embroidered by a woman in New Delhi which I'm now using to cover the laptop as it's a perfect fit. I have never been to New York and have always wanted to go. I have a feeling I may never do it and Elizabeth's blog is a wonderful trip around, not just the famous bits, but the less well known areas and back streets of NYC. Her photography is stunning and I can highly recommend a visit. This is the cover....I love it!

I started writing this post earlier today and have just got back from a irksome trip to Exeter again to change last weeks shoes for Origami Boy, who was so desperate to get out of the shop that he said they were fine, not mentioning the fact that they were fur lined and completely unsuitable for spring and his hot feet. Just checked the stats again and the macro post is up to 634 views.....very bizarre. 

The rain is torrential again tonight and is meant to turn to snow later. I'll leave you some nice dry trees in attractive colours. Not any more! Until next time......have a lovely Sunday. 


  1. Love those misty pics!

    Check your blog traffic sources, maybe someone has linked to the post that's getting all the hits.
    I have a similar post, very ordinary and unexciting, it continues to be in the top 10 most read posts. Go figure!

  2. Lovely misty landscapes. I expect all that water in the ground is gradually evaporating away ( or was until today`s downpours).

  3. Beautiful landscapes Em. Could it be that lichens are getting more popular and people are finding your wonderful shots on 'macro.' Do you know your lichens? I had a post called "anomalous" that went haywire with hits. It was a couple of pictures of a large pale roundish rock amid a huge shoreline of black basalt! :)

  4. Check the spam folder under comments maybe Em? something could be drawing for that, or it is just because all your photos are so totally AWESOME !

  5. Lovely misty photos--I think it would be easy to get lost out there.

  6. I bet it was the words"Middle aged spready!"

    I think sometimes somone hijacks our pages as I have had a similar thing before with the traffic source being not highly dodgy but something a bit questionable.Am going to ask a computer savvy friend! xx

  7. Thanks all of you for your suggestions. I have a feeling that Rachel may be right.....'Middle aged Spready' is the next phrase to test out as the trigger. More specifically.....

    Kath - I've looked at everything and can still make no sense of it. The massive amount of traffic has stopped now. It's sunny today!

    DW - The ground water is still with us in abundance unfortunately. My trousers are spattered from this morning despite wellies.

    Rusty D - I'm glad you feel that. I think they're pretty accurate as far as how it looked!

    Mark - That sounds like 'anomalous' may have been it but who knows what gets people going out there. I intend to find out more about lichens but don't have a very good book at the moment. 1960's drawings as opposed to decent photographs!

    Cindy - I will check the spam folder and, sadly, I don't think it's the quality of the photos!

    MM - I've nearly done so myself in thick fog before I knew the landscape better. Many a tourist has to make an emergency phone call....

    Rachel - definitely the best theory.....I'll await your savvy friend's opinion. Mention the fact that the spike has now diminished almost totally. It was a 48 hour frenzy.

  8. Dear Em,
    Such magical mist pics!
    Lyrical and gorgeous. I was at school in Malvern Wells on the side of the Malvern Hills and we often were above the clouds and mist in the Severn Valley -most picturesque.
    Terribly flattered by your kind comment about my blog.
    I started blogging when we lived in Morocco and sort of got in the habit of it.
    Can't imagine why you suddenly got so very many hits --not sure if it is good or bad......

  9. I fear it may be bad. The huge rush has stopped now and there's no indication of the source unfortunately.

    Compliments are well deserved!

  10. Love the misty photos.

    I can't think of anything in the words "macro post" to suddenly attract huge hits. I've posted some macro shots but didn't use the words macro just called the post Miniature Worlds. Will be interesting to see if using the word again has the same effect!

    I haven't got a book on lichens just a couple of guides by the Field Studies Council which are useful and cheaper than a book!

  11. That's a great idea....I'll have a look for them on the internet - thank you.

  12. The more I read about blogs and blogging...the smaller the world becomes eh?

  13. The blogosphere is a very strange place.

  14. hello em, hope your feeling ok?, life can really have its ups n down, joys n lows...Your amazingly breathtaking landscape around you is wonderful- the mist, the moors, so heavenly!
    we drove back through moors on sat eve, very late and very spooky!...we all seemed to have a bit of a chill over one of the old bridges and there even with 5 peps in the car...The branches reaching out like skeletons.

    Im in need of a very good, very long walk...take care x

  15. It can be REALLY spooky at night can't it? At 7.00am it's still really dark too but doesn't have the same eeriness about it. Know what you mean about a walk - it really helps.

  16. It's possible that another blog is sending you traffic... I found you via Bev at Black Ink Paperie.

    Lovely photos by the way, I can almost feel the mist :)

    And thanks for popping by my blog!

  17. Hi Jenn, according to the traffic thing, only a few come from other blogs. I guess a spam thing is the only answer. You might guess I have no idea what I'm talking about from a technical point of view!

  18. Just watch what you title your blog with I suppose, your blog can be picked up by a specific 'news feed' on lichens for example, and then it can skyrocket for a day or two. Love the photos, shouldn't worry about it though, or perhaps mark your photos in some way, tedious of course.....

  19. As ever, much of interest, Em, from Dartmoor to New York ... love the cushion design! The lichens are amazing. It's chilly here as I type, and I can hear the kettle downstairs!

    Just off to check on the NY blog ... I had my first Transatlantic trip this time last year.

  20. Thelma - I responded to your comment days ago but it seems to have disappeared - more strangeness!

    Caroline - I do hope you enjoy Elizabeth's blog. It's a different world, beautifully photographed.


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