2 January 2013


Well a happy new year to you all. My first time up till gone midnight for nine years on new year's eve and I'm still feeling a bit delicate. I don't really drink at all these days so alcohol was not an issue - just lack of sleep! We had a lovely time though. 

My Mum told me brightly yesterday that we were due for at least a week without rain. My dripping coat and waterproof trousers would dispute that. It's better, but that's as far as I would go. The road is no longer a river and you can see the damage the water has done. Pot holes have deepened, channels have been routed at the sides and new holes have appeared. The stream looks almost normal and the deltas have receded, leaving alluvial deposits in their wake. These pictures are from the river I suspected had burst its banks in the last post. Here's the before picture from a month or so ago:

And this is the same bridge two days ago - Scary! :

Yesterday I decided to hang some washing out in what I thought was a window of wrong I was; it had to come in again ten minutes later. As I grabbed our line prop, I was horrified to find it covered in green slime which no amount of hand wiping on the grass would remove. This has never happened in the five years we've had it....such is the extent of this year's dampness! It's misty today which at least is a change. Yesterday morning was beautiful and I strode out with no waterproof trousers or cover for the camera, only to see this coming:

I actually ran.....not good over rough terrain in wellies after four hours sleep I can tell you but I just made it back in time. Just had a call from my mum...again. She has THE BUG and I have to go on a mercy mission to the chemist before Wednesday's half day closing (yes - it's like stepping back in time here), with Origami Boy and friend who weren't expecting to have to go out; they're NOT happy. At least she's not forecasting weather today. 

Until next time here's a lovely sky from yesterday morning before the storm clouds came. 


  1. That is a lot of rain, Em. Hard to keep spirits up with so much of that coming down, and then to deal with more bad weather reports and chemists too ! *smile* Stay high and dry.. I have laundry drying on the clothes horses by the wood stove.

  2. I have another load spinning as I write this!I have no idea where I'm going to put it. x

  3. love all that dramatic swirling water. Just a few lakes left on the fields now, but roads are all passable. Its just SO MUDDY!

  4. So much rain !
    Do you ever see the sun ?

    We live in places so different.
    As a desert dweller I welcome the snow on the mountains and the rain in the valley. Our winter rain and snow is really what our state depends on to replenish our aquifer. Our local weather always reports on how many day without rain or what the rain fall numbers are and they have been very lacking in the last few years.
    Too much rain for you, not enough rain for me.
    Hope the sun comes out today in your area.

    I re-posted my blog from Monday and so far the photos have stayed posted.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Kath - It's really dramatic isn't it! The mud is going to take weeks and weeks to dry up here too.

    Parsnip - If I could send a few rain clouds your way I would. When the sun shines here it's utterly beautiful but it's been a rare thing the last couple of years.

  6. The next three days without rain apparently - but I will believe it when I see it..

  7. Your Dartmoor scenery looks even more dramatic in this wet weather, especially the river almost submerging that lovely old bridge.

    It was supposed to be dry here today, but no such luck. We are back to drizzle and dark grey skies.

  8. Rusty D - We certainly didn't see that dry weather today. Perhaps they're just trying to cheer us up?

    DW - I've never seen the river like that before. Snippet was in danger of being swept away!

  9. Running in bobs is not fun! Altho' I too would run if I saw that coming (It looks like The Dementors P;)
    Hope your Mum is feeling better soon & the play date wasn't too noisy ;)! x

  10. Mum's better than expected and it was EXTREMELY noisy!

  11. Gosh the weather on Dartmoor looks like the beginning of the end of the world ;) Problem with walking is it is so muddy everywhere. The bridge photos are very dramatic by the way, has it slipped?

  12. It does doesn't it! The bridge seems fine but I'll be a lot more careful crossing it from now on.

  13. as always, beautiful photos. you have such a gift. i sharing a link with you for a blog i think you will enjoy. the fellow takes photos that remind me of yours.

  14. Thanks Bev - I'll go and have a look now. Great to hear from you.


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