18 April 2013


I was hoping to have pictures of Daisy and her foal for you for my hundredth post but, sadly, I can't find her. Believe me, thanks to Snippet's remarkable recovery after one anti inflammatory and two antibiotics, I've been covering the miles searching. There was a definite sighting on Tuesday. The foal is another black one but have I seen it myself? NO. I'll keep trying but tomorrow I have a shoulder physio appointment in Exeter. Two months after the 'procedure' seems a bit crazy but there you are. Striking when the iron has well and truly cold. Here are a few more pictures of the boy who certainly doesn't have a broken toe.

As you can see from a couple of those, it's been quite windy here, to the point of nearly blowing me into several puddles. I took this one of puddle choppiness yesterday:

At least there was some sunshine, as there is today between torrential bursts of hail and rain:

This morning, after a flying visit to the Co-op in Moretonhampstead where I made an impulse purchase of two bottles of strawberry milk which were on special offer (what was I thinking of?), I continued my impulsive behaviour by driving out towards the moor the other side of the hideous Fernworthy Forest where there is a place called Jurston Valley; often a hotbed of foal action at this time of year. No..........thwarted again but I did take these foal-less pictures from up on the ridge above the valley.

Looking towards Meldon Hill

Kestor Rocks (furthest), Middle Tor and Frenchbeer Rocks (closest). It takes me about 20 minutes to get between them so you can tell how foreshortened the view is.

Jurston Valley itself

The swallows are here. First sighting on Monday. They must be regretting their decision but it's a bit late to go back now. I'm in the winter gloves again out in the wind and the ponies that are around here are keeping to the more sheltered areas. I've noticed a few more mares in foal but, knowing my luck this year, they'll make sure they leave before it happens.  

I have been waiting in for BT again today since 11.00am. The broadband is still terrible. When I spoke to the engineer he seemed surprised that nothing had been done since his last visit on Monday. I'm not. 

Thanks so much all of you for sticking with me, if not for all 100 of the posts, as much as you do. Until next time, here's a happy, pain free Snippet. He's no longer allowed in Trigger's field, which is known as 'the warren'. I need say no more. 


  1. So glad Snippet is better, what a relief. Makes me feel quite helpless when they have ailments.
    Shame you couldn't find Daisy and her foal...wonder if foal will end up grey too?
    Hope your appointment in Exeter goes okay.
    You say about Moretonhampstead, we go through sometimes on the way to Exeter, but the point I was going to make is, I knew a BDS lady down there called Trudie Merchant runs a B & B at Great Slocombe Farm. (just a random observation) (laugh).

  2. I love how Snippet's ruffled fur matches the ruffled grasses. You live in such a beautiful - if bleak area. But sometimes bleak is beautiful. I love the wide open spaces.

  3. Ann - I know that name and I certainly know Great Slocombe. There's always a HUGE puddle at the turning off the A382! I think black foals of grey mums usually turn out grey.

    Chris - I LOVE bleak!

  4. Lovely photos, as always Em.

    So glad Snippet is better - he looks as though he is enjoying himself and making up for lost time :) He is such a gorgeous dog :)

    Hope the physio appointment goes well and you manage to get better Broadband soon. It is so frustrating when its slow :(

    Good luck too in your search for Daisy and foal!

  5. So glad that Snippet is on the mend and that Daisy has been positively ID'd.

    If it's any consolation re broadband, I downloaded an upgrade for the Mac today and it took 6 hours!! It would have been quicker to drive to Bristol and get the disc.

  6. Congratulations on the 100 posts. Hope you see Daisy soon.

    Good news about Snippet and he looks so cute today.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Great news Em - Snippet looks so much happier. It's such a worry when they can't tell you what's wrong, isn't it.

    I hope Daisy has found a nice protected place to keep out of the weather, and she turns up with the sun... tomorrow!

    Wonderful photos, as always, but they made me feel cold!

  8. Bother! I pressed 'Publish' before I'd congratulated you on your Milestone post. Well done. And, thank you

  9. Glad that Snippet is better now (and I bet you're relieved there won't be a further (huge!) vet's bill.

    Sorry you haven't seen Daisy's foal yet - bet it will be a big 'un or "all legs".

    I have family in Moretonhampstead churchyard - my g.g. grandfather was an Ostler at the White Hart, then a coachman on the Exeter coach, and ended up a publican in Cross Street.

    Well done on your 100th post, btw.

  10. Congratulations Em. Love the pic of the flock with the tree. So glad to hear S has recovered.

  11. RR - The physio appointment turned out to be a follow up chat instead. In it's favour, I was in and out before the appointment was even due to start!

    Rusty D - That's REALLY frustrating. I'll stop complaining!

    Parsnip - I know you're biased in favour of a black terrier...quite right too.

    Virginia - Daisy was spotted again last night and a grainy picture was taken. They both look well and I'm about to go out AGAIN and search. And thank you!

    BB - that grainy photo I mentioned looks like the foal is both leggy AND big so I can't wait to see it myself.

    I'll have a look next time I'm in Moreton. I've never ventured into the churchyard but should, so you've given me a reason to do so.

    CT - The blue sky helps in that picture I think. How lovely to have one at last.

  12. Like CT, I particularly liked the photo of the group of sheep with the tree. Lovely ones of Snippet too and I'm so glad his injury was nothing serious.

    Every time I see one of your posts pop up on my sidebar I wonder if Daisy and her foal will feature.

    Congratulations on the 100th post and I hope the shoulder progresses well, that you are over the worst of your chest infection and also that the strained muscle is improving.

  13. I don't know what it is about those sheep but there's definitely something about them. Chest a little better - thank you. Still no sign of her today but I saw two other new ones which I'll post about tomorrow!

  14. It still looks a bit cold and draughty there on the moor em. Like me, i expect you can't wait for some warm weather.

  15. Great photos of Snippet, glad he is much better!

    I love the wide open spaces (grew up in the West) and love the bleakness of the Moors. You can tell it is a windy area from how the trees have grown.

    Love the black face sheep!

    Hope your appt with the shoulder goes okay.

    So frustrating not to have good internet!

  16. Weaver - The sun was lovely today but it's still pretty chilly!

    Gail - The internet is still awful, despite endless engineering appointments!


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