15 June 2012


I have been smiling a lot since 11.00 this morning when I got my new tooth. I lost one of the front incisors in my accident and have had a little plate with a false one for nine months now. Three months ago I had a titanium implant put in and today, the crown was fitted. My mum paid for it and I'm SO grateful. I feel like me again, despite the slight difference in colour; a little too white! I ate my first apple without having to cut it up.

The picture above was taken as I was on my way home from our walk, thinking I wasn't going to see any ponies. They were all hiding behind the rocks to get out of the unbelievably strong winds. Suddenly, this group all rushed to the crest of the hill. I did too, nearly falling over in the process. Thank goodness I'm usually alone out there. They had obviously heard Betty and a little gang approaching and had come to greet them. It was lovely seeing them all moving so fast and being so alert given their usual quiet grazing habits. Here are a few more pictures of the event.

Yesterday morning, whilst out with Snippet, I spotted a yearling filly hanging around on her own which is very unusual. Later that evening I noticed she was lame and had quite a bad gash on one of her hind legs. Some phone calls later, a local farmer put her in one of his fields bordering the moor whilst they try and find who she belongs to as she's too young to have been branded. Today she doesn't look great and the theory is she was probably hit by a car. I don't know how anyone can do that and not let anyone know. The brutal reality is that it isn't financially viable to treat her and she will most likely be destroyed. This is one of those times I wish I had land and unlimited funds, and could take in all the waifs and strays. I don't think I have a picture of her although she's probably in the background of something I've taken. I'll go and check on her tomorrow but she was out of sight this afternoon. Very sad. 

A friend, the podiatrist who trims Trigger's hooves, has started a great web site selling photographic prints, the profits from which all go to Macmillan Cancer Support. Do go and have a look if you have time. It's such a great idea and lovely photos too:

Today, I watched a skylark trying to do its vertical climb and failing miserably thanks to the wind. Poor thing was blown sideways, still singing stoically. I felt guilty laughing but it was quite funny.

Sorry to go on about the black slugs but they are really fascinating me at the moment. With the damp weather they are absolutely everywhere again and eating the most bizarre things. I found five munching their way through a small stinging nettle plant, two 'fighting' (very slowly) over a dog poo and this one crawling over and consuming a gorse bush that would have most of us shouting "ow!" at the slightest touch. I think I need to find out more about these little terrors.....

Gorse muncher

Here are some more photos from today and have a lovely weekend.

Bacon and Eggs (Birdsfoot-trefoil), out now in the grass

Windy grass

Foal number four and her mum in the wind

Our neighbour's Rhododendron flowers blown off 

Solomon's Seal in the garden


  1. Lovely photos. Good news about the new toof, but how sad about that filly being injured. Perhaps because she IS a filly, she may stand a chance. If she were a colt, well, we know the answer to that one.

    1. Absolutely. Funnily enough I'm just about to post some news about her.....

  2. Sorry to hear about the filly foal`s injury. Sadly there are similar Hit and Run accidents with the depastured New Forest ponies evey year. The Mare and Foal Sanctuary do good work with orphaned and injured Dartmoor foals, although it sounds as if it may be too late for this young one.

    Wonderful Dartmoor photos again. The wind seems to get up the ponies tals and get them running in this current stormy weather.

    Enjoy your new tooth! Having once lost a front crown and then having tp go into school to teach, I sympathise with your predicament. As a few children were very concerned that I had "lost a tooth". the best thing was to explain all about crowns and reassure them that I had not really turned into a witch :-)

    1. I'm sure the New Forest is very similar. People just don't take enough care.

      Haggy was the invented adjective I used in the evenings when the false one became too uncomfortable to bear! I'm enjoying it SO much. Crusty bread, a raw carrot.....the possibilities are endless. Just off to post good news about the filly.

  3. Happy New Toothy Peg! Poor Foal-Glad there are kind caring people out there-I too saw speeding cars on the moor today, makes me v cross! x

  4. I haven't heard anyone say toothy peg for years! Thank you. It's fantastic to have it back.

  5. Love your photos of the ponies, and great news about the tooth,and maybe the foal will survive after all which is also brilliant.

  6. I really hope so. Also hope you've had as rain free a day as we have here!


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