6 November 2012


The picture above is not relevant but I thought it was lovely.....carved by the friends whose Halloween party we went to last week. My main point in writing today is that this morning at breakfast, we were delighted to find Origami boy taking an interest in the US presidential election when he asked one of us to stay up tonight to watch the results come in. However, he went on to say he wanted to know who the winner would be: 

"Between Barack Obama and, er, what's his name......Fingleberry Tom?"

I'm laughing as I'm writing this and it's the funniest thing I've heard in ages; I thought perhaps those of you over the pond might find it so too! I even found myself chuckling in the dentist's chair earlier today despite the devastating news that I need a crown which will cost around £850! Goodbye savings. 

While I'm here, I downloaded pictures from my little camera today from the last week. Here are a few of them:

On Meldon Hill last week

Herding sheep on horseback today. They were about half a mile away

Foal number 1 in the mist

Cosdon Hill looking ominous behind the closer, sunlit hills

Meldon Hill from Meldon Common

Angle Shades moth (thankyou BB); It was on the Dentist's wall this morning

The ponies at a distance by Kestor

Number 10 chasing Snippet

Right.....time to go and read other people's blogs in the small window of time before bed. We'll see whether it's Barack or Fingleberry tomorrow morning. Until next time.........Snippet on his favourite rock today. 


  1. Goodness Em! That is extortionate for a crown! Is there not an NHS dentist who can do one for you?

    Your dentist has good taste in moths anyway. That one is a beauty. No idea what it is though. You might try Ragged Robin on her blogspot. She knows a lot about moths.

    Little Number 10 is doing well. Such a determined expression as he chases Snippet!

  2. Like that he is interested in Americas elections but the name is so funny and I wonder how he came up with it...
    Also interesting he knew Obamas name but not Romney's name.
    Our election has been going on for so long if I never hear any of these names again it will be too soon.
    I am a conservative Democrat (Obamas party) but I voted for Romney
    So far a very close popular vote but I think Obama will will the Electoral Collage which I am totally against. The Electoral Collage totally nullifies my vote as I live in a large state but few people. So my state has just a few Electoral votes. Very complicated. It need to be a straight one vote count.
    This is I am sure more than you wanted to know.

    I love the photo of #1 in the mist and #10 chasing Snippet.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. It's an Angle Shades, Em! I only know because I have "Moths of Trigon" on the desk beside me . . . It's one I've seen before, round here.

    Sorry about the cost of the toof - I have 4 crowns (incl. a molar) and even though I'm with an NHS dentist, I dread the thought of one needing to be replaces as I think it would be about £180. I would need to offer to wash up for a year I think . . .

    Lovely photos as always.

  4. DW - When we first moved here eleven years ago, the nearest NHS dentist was over 50 miles away so I had to go private. Rumour has it there's one nearer by now so I think I'll be doing some investigations. I'll have a look at Ragged Robin - thank you.

    Parsnip - No idea where in the depths of his brain that name came from. As a big fan of the West Wing, I have hours of fictional experience with the US electoral system and I agree with seems terribly unfair!

  5. Hello BB - sorry - your comment must have come in while I was replying to the others.

    Thanks for the moth ID.....what a fabulous name.

    In my case, I'll be ironing for a year to pay for the crown if I can't find the NHS alternative!

  6. I hate dentists. I really feel for you. It seems to be never ending with unexpected bills.

    I love the pony in the fog! Would be a great watercolor as would the moors in general. So ethereal.

    I'm an ultra liberal Democrat. My state (Tennessee) is a conservative Republican state but I vote nevertheless as it is a privilege. And I have learned to keep my views to myself when in public :)

  7. And I forgot, the pumpkin is gorgeous and I love the name Fingleberry Tom for Romney!

  8. We are in a similar position politically and ,like you, rarely express our views in a sea of conservatism.

    Fingleberry seems to have had a worse day than anyone expected thank goodness!

  9. Yup! Fingleberry got thrashed --thank heavens!
    Your pictures of Dartmooor are so austere and lovely.
    I'm sure Serena would be delighted to be compared to Cotman.

    Splendid pumpkin too!
    Greetings from NY where we now have SNOW

    locusys and pestilence next, I fear

  10. Thank heavens indeed.

    I've been to Serena's site now and they're just fabulous. I'd love to see some of my photos from the blog painted by her....I may get in touch to that end.

    Greetings from Dartmoor and here's hoping for an absence of pestilence.

  11. Another lovely bunch of pics. Wonderful to get an insight into your neck of the woods Em!

  12. Hello Sheona,

    Lovely to hear from you and glad you managed to sort out technical problems. I'm really looking forward to the next drawing you publish.

    Hope it's not too cold in Germany!


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