13 November 2012


I haven't wanted to say anything until I was sure, but I am now. Lizzy has gone. I feel ridiculously sad. She and Betty disappeared for about a week and then Betty appeared alone with her mane a bit tidier and her tail trimmed. Her owners are incredibly responsible and kind so I'm sure Lizzy is either with them or has gone to a good home but I'm bereft. How silly to have got so attached to a little wild thing. Big piebald Number 2 has also gone; I have seen his mum alone too.  Just as he was getting bold and close. This afternoon, I thought I saw Lizzy up by Kestor and went running up there in a very ungainly fashion only to discover some old friends we haven't seen for months: foal numbers 5, 8 and 9. From a distance number 5 looked very like Lizzy. It was only when I got up really I was able to identify her correctly. I was hopeful till the last, even though Betty was nowhere in sight. It was lovely to see them after so long; I'm pretty sure the plain coloured ones also belong to the same people. Here they are:

Lizzy-like number 5 with number 9

And again

Beautiful bay number 8 looking a bit rough round the edges

5 and 9 again looking at Snippet

The splinter group with Betty were down the hill a bit. I have to admit to shedding a tear today. Feeling tearful generally so any excuse really. Here she is looking beautiful and a couple of little but furry number 10:

Beautiful Betty

Furry number 10

Some other pictures from the last few days:

Lesser Spotted (I think!) Woodpecker in our Hawthorn tree

Scorhill Tor quite distinct for once with the sunlit hills beyond

Stick attack

Snippet's nemesis 

A selection from the bird feeding station:

Mrs Blackbird

Blue Tit

Mr Chaffinch

These two are of the sky last night in Trigger's field

I will attempt to find out what has happened to Lizzy. I keep missing the person who might be able to help me but will persist. Sorry to be so down about it but I do miss her. Along with number 2, she was the most engaging and charming of all the foals and I'm glad I have such a huge photographic record of her. Until next she is again when she was really young.


  1. I hope Lizzy has a good home.

    You are really doing well with the new camera! A lot of really cool bird photos that the telephoto make so nice.

  2. Lovely photos as usual, Em. I thought these ponies were all Wild, I never thought they had a "home" they went to?

  3. Oh poor you Em, I am sure it is easy to get attached to the ponies, I would feel the same:{ I guess the pony is in a happy new home somewhere as it was so pretty.
    I was wondering how you take the shots of the birdfeeding station as it doesn't look like it is through glass! (Unless you have startlingly clean windows)
    Good to hear and see some pictures from up the road aways on the wilder

  4. Oh why did it have to be Lizzy that has gone? I know how fond you were of her. As she has good owners, I am sure she will be either with them or in a good new home. She is such a pretty youngster.

    I loved seeing all the other pony photos. The head portrait of no. 5 and 9 took me back 45 years. No. 5 has colouring and markings just like the foal of an old grey hunter mare the gypsies had bought - she was very very lame (shoulder) - and she had been in foal to an Arab. Her daughter, who we called Corinne, looked JUST like no. 5 from the side (though she was 14.2 by the time she was weaned).

    I love the little blackberry-bay chap too (No. 8?) On a private horsey forum I belong to we are discussing buying a little Dartmoor to pass around amongst our grandchildren when they come of age to enjoy him/her. I don't have any grandchildren yet, but he would be just the chap for mine!

  5. Thank you all for your sympathies!

    Gail - the lens is fab and it's only a bridge camera with a 30x zoom. My newest follower may be able to help in the Lizzy on.

    Cindy - the ponies only get rounded up to go 'home' to be branded and, in the case of these ones, to trim their tails. It means they're instantly recognisable, even from quite a distance actually. It was one of the reasons I picked Betty to follow in the first place.

    Rachel - Hello! Just been to your blog and worked out who you are. Lovely to hear from you and I suddenly realised that you live just down the road from the farmers who own Lizzy and Betty so you probably know them and could help out here. I won't name them for obvious reasons, but I'm sure you know who I mean. Will grab you at the school gates tomorrow to discuss.....

    BB - Isn't he gorgeous. If Rachel can help find out about them you never know....!

  6. Em, its so easy to become fond of animals that arent ours, I am sorry you feel sdad, I completely understand.

    thanks for the comment about the owls. they are lovely arent they. I had a look and think there's some of those little books on amazon for around £3, theres no photo but the date- 1975 is right. it says 14 pages and mine is 7, but i think they are counting the blank reverses of each page? hope this helps!!

    Leanne x

  7. Lovely photos - I'm not a "horse person" as I am very allergic to them - but can admire them at a distance.

  8. Leanne - I'll go and have a look on Amazon - thank you.

    Carla - Probably best seen from a distance given my neck and back-breaking experience last year!

  9. Hi Em I won't be at school on Wed as D is on school trip but will be there Fri am and pm so catch me! I thought said farmers literally up the road from me have got five ponies around that they have had for a while but I did see they have them in their fields since a few days ago.I am happy to go up with you and look if you want to on Fri as working gardening from home.If they are the smiley family I think you mean we can go and chat to them! xxRachel

  10. Beautiful ponies, Em.
    If we need to go south I'll always drive across Dartmoor. I just love it.
    I do hope you find Lizzy. Jx

  11. A bittersweet post, Em ... but perhaps the news is good news. Incidentally I have seen a number of 'Woodies' on blogs this morning ... in USA, so good to see a British one, too.

  12. A lovely post. I remember seeing Dartmoor ponies so very long ago.
    The dog looks really cheerful!

  13. Lovely photos! Hope you get good news about Lizzy. I'm afraid I would get too attached to them, as well. It's bad enough making sure all five ducks are present & correct along our regular walk!

  14. Rusty Duck - I'm hoping to have some news of Lizzy tomorrow. I do feel very privileged to live somewhere like this; there are so few wildernesses left in this country.

    Caroline - there's a woody who comes to the feeder but it's so quick, I never get to the camera in time!

    Elizabeth - Snippet is one of the most cheerful dogs I've ever come across. I'm trying to persuade certain members of the household that he would be even more so if he had a little friend.....

    Chine Cats - I should have known it would end up like this...there was no way I was ever going to keep my distance emotionally!

  15. The ponies all look so well cared for, and those foals very pretty. Think we are all going to wait with baited breath for good news tomorrow about Lizzy. Photos are gorgeous as usual says she enviously!

  16. Me too Thelma! I'm half hoping I might get to see her but that's probably too much to hope for.

    Put your pictures on the extra big setting and they'll look significantly better!


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