16 November 2012


What a relief. A trip to see Rachel, who is actually only a few miles away as the crow flies, and we walked up the road to the farm. From the road I could see some ponies at a distance gathered around a big cattle feeder, but they all looked coloured. Then, as we turned into the farm itself, I spotted her little face through the bars with that distinctive blaze. I was so relieved. Numbers 1 and 2 are there too. Rachel introduced me to her owners and we had a chat about Betty who is apparently eight or nine years old. If I wanted to buy Lizzy I got the feeling it wouldn't be a problem. Oh for some land! Anyway, she's safe and will be with them over winter when they'll decide whether to turn her out on the moor again or sell her. I'll pop up again in a couple of months to see how they're getting on. Here are a couple more pictures of them:

Number 1 and Lizzy's bum

Lizzy and number 2

I'm so grateful to Rachel. Until a few days ago I didn't even know she wrote a blog, which is lovely incidentally! Given how close we are geographically, the difference in landscape is amazing: . Do have a look.

Am feeling a lot less tearful having seen Lizzy which is a relief too! Here are some other pictures from the last few days:

All the beech leaves have gone on the edge of the moor

I've never seen this little boy before. He was with the new herd I saw last time with Numbers 5, 8 and 9. My heart leapt when I saw him from a distance with that Lizzy-like blaze.

From a distance the leaves on this lone tree looked a really fresh green colour....not sure if that's coming across in this picture but they were probably just yellow.

Number 5 and 8 with his mother yesterday

Six hills layered into the distance

Numbers 10 and 9 in the mist today

You can just see Snippet on the left....visibility not great today.

Thanks for all your supportive comments after the last post regarding Lizzy; we couldn't have had a much better outcome. Have a great weekend wherever you are. Until next time.....Snippet bouncing through the grass yesterday.


  1. your photos really give the feeling of the cold damp days.

    I couldn't even see the tor from the kitchen window today.

    Goos news about Lizzie, I do like that stocky little chestnut, with it's white legs and face, it remins me of my first pony, who was called "Chippy".

  2. Wonderful news Em! She will do better with some winter feed, and No. 2 for company as well. Perhaps they intend to get them handled and halter broken over the winter. I wonder if she will be coming home with you next spring? . . .

  3. Oh I like that stocky little guy; he is solid ! I will pop right on over to have a visit at Rachel's blog now :) .

    "Just Me" way over here from you.

  4. What lovely news !
    I have wondered who owns the horses and do they pay a fee to let them lose on the land.
    I love the little fellow with the stocky legs.
    I will now look at your friends blog.
    There is a blogger I follow just east of me, who visits the National Park just down the road from me and our photos and images are similar but so different.
    I love that so many of Snippet photos are always running !
    I know my Square Ones would love to be running around the hills.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Oh wonderful news, Em.

    Your photos are magical. Those ponies are just gorgeous. Are they born throughout the summer? No 9 (or 10?) looks quite young for this time of year.

  6. It is so good to know that Lizzie is safe for now . I expect you were dreading the thought of her going to the Sales and what the outcome might be.

    Although it is wonderful to live in a place like Dartmoor, or the New Forest, it can be heartbreaking to see the foals grow up and then disappear.

  7. Good news and Lizzie will be fed over winter. I loved that little stocky fellow, would not mind owning him. My 'gypsy mum ponies' have matted manes thick with burrs which is a great pity but the foals are still dashing around madly though they have been moved to higher fields because of flooding further down..

  8. Thanks all of you!

    Kath - it's better today so I hope you might be able to see the tor from your window now. Chippy sounds lovely...

    BB - they don't really handle them but perhaps they'd like me to do so over winter up here. It's SO tempting to offer to take her off their hands and save them a bit of hay.

    Cindy - his legs look like little tree trunks don't they!

    Parsnip - Snippet gets a huge amount of exercise, particularly in summer when my partner takes him out in the evening for a couple of hours too. I'm sure your square ones are happy with you.

    Rusty Duck - They're normally born between April and June but number 10 was EXTREMELY late. Someone left their stallion out too long by the looks of it!

    DW - I've got the winter to decide what to do, if anything. I think they'll probably turn her out again and when they do sell them, they don't use the sales thank goodness.

    Thelma - I'd like him too! I'm a sucker for a chestnut.

  9. Good news about Lizzie! Glad the other two ponies are there also. So different than our wild horses.

    Winter is really noticeable on the moors, very cold looking.

  10. Phew! Great news! What a pretty little chestnut boy!

  11. Gail - it is cold! We're usually a few degrees colder than even a mile away from the here. If there's a breath of wind anywhere else, it's a gale up here and, of course, if it's cold and raining, it will be snowing as you cross the cattle grid onto the moor!

    Chine cats - isn't he sweet. How are things on the IOW?

  12. Loved the photo of Snippet!
    Your world is so different from mine!

  13. It is but I grew up in London so I understand why you live where you do! I've just chosen to go this way.

  14. It is but I grew up in London so I understand why you live where you do! I've just chosen to go this way.


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