20 March 2013


Yesterday, whilst trudging over the marsh with my sore feet (caused by months of walking in wellies if you ask me), I suddenly spotted a group of birds ahead of me. Could they be fieldfare? They hadn't flown off immediately and they looked too spotty. I quickly snapped them on the ground without much success and then again as they flew off. After downloading them , I'm was pretty sure they were Dunlins but have now been corrected thank goodness. They are Golden Plover. Thanks Mark from and Ragged Robin at for your help!

Sorry about this one!

Yesterday, as I wandered over towards the tin hut searching for Betty again, I heard a load roaring which turned out to be a friend in his tractor, cutting fire breaks into the parched dead grass. He said they will be swailing soon (burning for good reasons). They will drench the breaks and set fire to the grass in between to regenerate. I'll try and be there to photograph it. It makes an odd sight: a tractor in the wilderness.

I saw Daisy, who is back out on the moor. The owners of the bungalow are here at the moment and probably chased her off. She was back overnight munching on the grass up the drive. She is ENORMOUS:

Here is the same view today:

And yesterday with the rain, or rather sleet, chasing me. I got very wet five minutes from home. 

Today I saw these ponies. Lovely but not ours! I guess I may just have to give up on them. Perhaps, like a watched pot, they may boil or turn up if I give up hope. Mmmm not the best analogy there - sorry! I'm sure you know what I mean.

Bit of a dodgy picture of a Stonechat:

I'm having huge problems getting everything done at the moment and am wondering what on earth I would do if I worked full time. I haven't done a drawing for weeks and there are a million things around the house that need doing that I just don't get round to. The time between dropping Origami Boy at school and him getting home on the school bus goes in the blink of an eye. Admittedly there have been medical and dental appointments every day so far this week. I have my new crown/bridge now and it's a revelation. Almost worth the bankruptcy induced. I thought I was quite a good time manager but I'm having my doubts! Trigger is still alone by the sign of the mares....they're still hiding from him. So, until next time, here's Snippet over-sticking himself. Have a good remainder of the week. 


  1. Great pics Em!

    I hope Snippet didn't encounter a narrow gate.
    Daisy is indeed ENORMOUS! Can ponies have twins??

  2. That last photo of Snippet is SO funny! Daisy is either having one gigantic foal or twins. I have NEVER seen a pony so enormous I bet she can't wait to have it/them as she must be so uncomfortable.

    Lovely photos of the moor, as always.

  3. Gosh, I hope that pony delivers all right she is HUGE ! I'm worried about her.
    Love the Snippet photos so very funny.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. For spacious skies forever! You have spring. I want some too! The birds in the third photo from top are Golden Plovers, but I don't know aht the top bunch are... Your pictures keep getting better and more beautiful. How lucky you are to live where you are. Glad you liked my little seal. Best regards Em!

  5. Lovely photos Em :) Not sure about the birds in the top photo (I am not that good at waders we don't get huge amounts inland!) but the bird in the 3rd photo is Golden Plover, I think.

    Daisy does look rather large. Hope all goes well with her.

    Know the feeling about lack of time - don't know where the time goes each day :( Although I have to admit I spend far too much time on the internet :) Am trying to declutter our house and also still spending loads of time dealing with my mum's affairs - both of which seem to take all my spare time.

  6. Rusty D - Yes they can!

    BB - She swings as she walks!

    Parsnip - She seems absolutely fine and I'm keeping an eye om her I promise.

    Mark - thank you. I wondered about Plovers but couldn't believe there could be so many of them. The ones in the third picture are definitely the same ones that took off and were flying!

    RR - Thank you too and as you and Mark will see I've changed things now!

  7. Snippet definitely has grand plans!

    Daisy is huge, hope it's not twins and hope she doesn't have trouble foaling.

    I understand the lack of time bit. Hubby has been in Florida with the Friesians since Feb 16th (be back 1st week in April or so) I had been hoping for time to paint but all I've managed is some pen and inks that are waiting for some watercolor to be applied :(

  8. I did look yesterday but other than assuming the first photo was the same birds as the others and being sure they weren't Dunlin I wasn't sure what they were. Being about three hours drive from the nearest coast I don't see very many water birds. But yes, Golden Plovers are seen in very large flocks. I do envy you the Stonechats, we don't see those here either :-(

    Daisy really is huge!! Lovely pony photos.

  9. Just realised it sounds like I thought Golden Plovers were sea birds, I don't of course! I was thinking in terms of Dunlin etc.

  10. Golden plovers are the bee's knees in birds as far as I am concerned, they used to overwinter on the Bath Downs - lucky you.
    Snippet photos very funny, why do dogs like large sticks, is it pride of possession I wonder or look at me aren't I clever!!

  11. Gail - Daisy is up here again this morning and seems to see it as a haven. No sign of the pop yet!

    Shy SB - Funnily enough, before the new camera, I couldn't make out what the fieldfare were and used to plough through bird books wondering if they were golden Plover. I may have been right after all.

    Thelma - I can assure you that Snippet is not very clever at all.....very lovable but extremely dim.

  12. Never seen golden plover so v impressed. Your photos are fabulous. I love the colour of dartmoor at this time of year and you totally catch it.

  13. I have to agree with you and I think I prefer the colours in Winter to summer. It really is still winter isn't it!

  14. Daisy being Enormous is an understatement of the Year !!! Holy Moly, Em !!!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:

  15. Thanks Cindy! I'm surprised she can walk!


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