29 March 2013


Today, one year ago, the 29th of March, I wrote my first post. I wondered if anyone would ever read it and whether I'd be able to think of anything to write about or photograph. I must admit that it has become an important part of my life and an incredible help in filling the gap that not being able to ride any more left. I'm so grateful to every one who follows and leaves comments. I've met some fabulous people, if not face to face obviously, and found huge support in difficult times. I never expected that when I started. I imagined it would be a lonely experience, speaking into a void but how wrong I was. Thank you all. Today has been a good day, culminating in a Chinese takeaway from Exeter; a rare treat when you live where we do. Yesterday wasn't so good when I realised I couldn't find my purse and my precious glasses that I use for computer work broke. I have no idea what happened to the purse, but I've cancelled the cards and will be okay without the 27 pence it contained! The week old  drivers licence and photos of Origami boy as a baby are more of a wrench. The glasses have been mended with a plaster, Jack Duckworth style. Coronation Street is my secret indulgence....not so secret now. Amongst the relative rubbish are characters that have made me cry and laugh. No other soap like it. Probably best to stop there I think! Here are the glasses; not a great look for the school library.

Triggers 'companions' are still staying away but at least I've found them amongst the gorse forest now. I was starting to get worried that they'd somehow managed to escape. I would not have been popular. Here's one of them, skulking and looking warily at me. 

And Trigger eating his breakfast off the frosty ground. He prefers that to a bucket so I just tip it out now rather than watch him chucking it about with his nose.

On our way back from the school Easter service yesterday, Origami Boy and I followed Daisy up the drive on her way to her late afternoon and night time residence. She's getting very slow now.

 She was out on the moor this morning again looking rather beautiful:

A few more pictures from the last couple of days:

Bird table pictures:

Male Blackbird

Female Blackbird

The Mistle Thrush

Male Chaffinch just taking off

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend and thanks so much again for following and reading this. How strange that I have 52 followers after 52 weeks.....until next time, here's Snippet with a stick today.


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww Congratulations !

    Snippet looks like thehamish cousin in the first photo.

    I don't think I even noticed when my first anniversary was. My first few post and the first months or so where me finding my way with the blog.

    I try not to follow to many blogs but they creep up on you.
    But I really enjoy your blog and love the photos you post. I wish I could get the great bird shots you do but I just have my little point and click (a very nice Japanese one son found for me) but your photos are fabulous.
    I don't always comment but I do read

    Let there be cake ! but the Chinese take away sounds good too !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Congratulations Em. I also try not to follow too many blogs but yours is one I always read. Lovely photos as always. So sorry to read you've lost pics of OB as a little one and I thought the mended glasses looked great! PS- Coco has the exact same Mark Todd rug as Trigger! CT x

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  4. Happy Blogaversary, Dear Em. I love reading each and every one of yours posts and seeing each photo you post. xx

  5. Congratulations Em on your First Anniversary Blogging. I felt the same way as you about starting to blog, but now I wouldn't want to be without. I love reading Blogs..infact I could well make a sticker for the car:

    I [heart] Reading Blogs
    or even
    I (heart) Blogging

    We will have to differ on the Coronation Street thing

  6. CONGRATS on your first blogging anniversary!! I'm so glad to have found your blog this year, and I've enjoyed getting to know you and see your beautiful corner of the world! I had no idea when I started blogging about 3 years ago that it would take me to amazing places I'll never get to visit, and people I feel like I know! Here's to your next year of blogging and beyond! :-)

    ♥•✿HAPPY EASTER!!✿•♥

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your blog one of the ones I always read and I really love it :) I think I may have been reading it almost since you started - it was about the time of last years foals, and here we are waiting for the first of 2013 to arrive!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful corner of the countryside with us all.


  8. Many congratulations on your first year Em! I may not have 'known' you long but very much enjoy reading your blog and admire how prolific you are with your posting. My four year anniversary was in February but I post far less frequently than you and am forever considering giving up because blogging in general is so time consuming! However, as you have found, it opens up a whole new world where we encounter like minded people from many different countries and cultures who enrich our lives in so many ways and with whom we would never otherwise have contact.

    Your bird photos on this post are beautiful, so much detail! Snippet is gorgeous as ever and my fingers are firmly crossed for Daisy's safe delivery. So sorry about your purse, perhaps it will turn up somewhere silly, I do hope so. Finally, I'm so glad to have found someone else whose guilty pleasure/secret indulgence is Coronation Street, I love it. It is beautifully written and acted and (I always record it) utterly relaxing at the end of the day. Were they living now I'm sure Dickens, Trollope, Lawrence, Hardy etc would have been proud to write for it. Sorry for the length of this wonder I find blogging so time consuming ;-)

  9. Has it been a year? That has gone so fast, and so many fabulous photos and interesting posts along the way. I am glad you have enjoyed it as much as us!

  10. Congratulations on your first blogging anniversary Em. I am so glad you left a comment on my blog which led me to yours :) One of the highlights of blogging for me is getting to "know" so many lovely like-minded people.

    You post such beautiful photographs and I always enjoy reading your latest news. I feel as though I am experiencing Dartmoor with you :)

    I hope all goes well with Daisy and I do hope your purse turns up. Very said to have lost photos of OB when he was little.

    I look forward to reading many more of your lovely posts :)

  11. I will never have enough of your fantastic photos of the moor and the beautiful ponies!
    Happy Easter!

  12. Parsnip - Good idea on the cake front but I've only just got home and it's 5.00pm...time for home made fish and chips!

    CT - Was the rug an ebay bargain by any chance? Very impressed with it, especially the new feature of elasticated leg straps.

    Cindy - Thank you!

    Ann - I think you might be on to something with the car stickers! Perhaps you might become an ebay millionaire with them?

    Kim - I feel exactly the same way; i's a window on places one would never otherwise visit.

    Fi - Thank you and lovely to hear from you. There aren't many who remember all those foals. Still no sign of Daisy's; I was hoping for an anniversary present!

    Shy SB - I agree - Coronation Street and those writers of the past. It's amazing the famous actors who vie to be a part of it. Roy and hayley are important people in shaping attitudes for the better in those who could do with some educating in that department too I think. Glad you love it too! Please don't give up blogging - I love reading yours and it would be a sad loss.

    BB - Glad to have you too!

    RR - No sign of the purse yet.....or my replacement debit card. Losing it before a Bank Holiday was extremely silly!

    Chinecats - thank you and I so enjoy seeing the IOW in yours!

  13. And I am so happy to have found you! Your photos are incredible and I love following your adventures in a beautiful part of our world.

  14. Same to you Gail and the frame for your Raven arrived today. It's up under my 'Little Owl' drawing. Will send you a picture soon. It looks GORGEOUS.

  15. it has been a real pleasure reading your blog and seeing your wonderful photos.
    I love that photo of Snippet, how I'd love to kiss that sweet nose!

  16. Thanks Kath and I think he would love you to kiss his nose!

  17. Coming in a bit late I can only echo the comments already left. Yours is one of the special, not-to-be-missed blogs in the select few I follow.
    Today I was given the gift of a beautiful framed prize-winning photo--and found myself telling the man who gave it to me about the lovely and interesting photos on your blog. We agreed that in addition to a good camera and the know-how involved, one needs a certain 'eye' for a photo--and you have that in generous measure.

  18. Happy Easter Em, I only came late to your blog but it is a wonderful photographed and written record of where you live. Fallen in love with Snippet of course and all those gorgeous Dartmoor ponies.
    Keep on blogging, it opens all our worlds as we write and visit each other's blogs. xxx

  19. MM - Thank you very much, I'm very flattered and very pleased to have you as a follower.

    Thelma - I thought you were quite an early one actually but then it's all a bit of a blur. I can't believe it's been a year but then time does go faster the older you get. Lovely to have you too and Snippet will feature a lot in the next post.....we went to Teignmouth today and froze on the beach!

  20. Sorry to have missed your anniversary.. many congratulations!

    Your Dartmoor and bird photos are always amazing and your blog is a delight to read Em. Looking forward to the next year, especially if there will be foals..

  21. I don't think there will be as many foals as last year but that will be less confusing for me and I may not need a foal directory again. Yours is a delight too!

  22. Em, a belated happy anniversary. I may not always comment but i love coming here to drink in your lovely photos. its a sneaky pleasure to lose myself on the moors via your photos!

    Leanne x

  23. Thanks Leanne, and the same to you. Keeping up and commenting on everyone's blogs takes time doesn't it? Pleasurable time though!

  24. Male blackbirds Em! One of my favorites! Hope you are well!

  25. Me too Mark - they're so simple and beautiful.


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