27 March 2013


I hadn't intended to post before Friday, which will be my first blogging anniversary, but the ice I've seen over the last couple of days has been so fabulous, I had to share it with you. It amazes me how many ways water molecules will arrange themselves in freezing conditions. A couple are from the hoar frost but the rest are puddles and accumulations on Kestor Rocks.

Grassy banner

The top of a gate

Multiple grass banners

These look like ice flowers but were growing out of the peat in a small gulley

What a great fabric design this would make....


There was no water left in the dip below this sheet, just a dry, empty hole

This is massive piece is about five foot tall! A few more close ups of it:

These next two are taken Halfway up Kestor:

Closer up on the fabric design one. White chiffon perhaps?

Daisy's routine is quite established. She spends the night up here, arriving mid afternoon and then leaves early morning to go and stand out on the moor, fairly close by, just staring into space. She must be close to giving birth surely. Here she is yesterday morning:


Yesterday afternoon:

And this lunchtime....all alone as usual.

Before I go, I think I have cracked the Macro Post mystery. It still gets over a hundred hits a week so I had another look at it yesterday. I suddenly noticed that I'd mentioned I was off to watch Borgen and I'm sure that's what it is. I guess if this one gets the same reaction I'll be right although, with it being off the air at the moment, the frenzy is less likely! Until next time, here's the Round Pound in this morning's snow, and Trigger displaying his lack of wonder I went over his head that day. Keep warm!


  1. Love the picture of Trigger Em - and also the pictures of that lonely pony waiting to give birth - do post her offspring if you get the chance won't you?
    Those early ice pictures are fantastic - I bet they make the most amazing sound in the breeze - ice music I suppose you would call it.

  2. Great photos as always. I love the way the wind has sculptured the ice.

  3. Weaver - If I get the chance I'll be at the birth! They seem to do it at night so perhaps not...

    Kath - Beautiful isn't it.

  4. Magnificent ice shots, Em.
    That first bubble gave me a shock - it looks like an eye!

  5. It does! It's still snowing lightly here....I wonder if you have any yet?

  6. Astounding ice art!
    So glorious and so ephemeral.

    Greetings from chilly NY

  7. It seems to be chilly all over the world! I love your new icon thingy by the way.

  8. I think you are getting a bit like me Em. There is just so much beauty all around us and not enough pixels in the camera, or time to capture it all. Like you, I have this sense of urgency to photograph it before it all gets away - fleeting! Beauty :)

  9. When I first started this blog, I was worried I would have nothing to say or photograph, but I was very wrong. Beauty is everywhere and I certainly agree about the sense of urgency!

  10. Great photos, I just don't know how you managed to stay out in that cold to take them! Daisy looks fit to pop! Hope she will be okay, but then Mother Nature knows best.

  11. WOW as usual - fabulous ice art. I hope Daisy is more fluid than foal inside or she is going to have something enormous! Bless her. You have it much colder there than it is here (and it feels like the Arctic here!)

  12. Fabulous! Just love these ice photos... and a great capture of Trigger as well!

    Hope we both start to experience some warmer weather soon :)

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer

  13. I've just spent a delightful few moments scrolling slowly through the photos on this post and the one previous. You have a keen eye for what is beautiful and intriguing--and, obviously, a sophisticated camera. Those things which some see as merely 'ordinary' are full of mystery and wonder when we take time to look.
    I'm amazed to learn [wikipedia] that the highest point of Dartmoor is a bit more than 2000 ft above sea level. So much of the landscape resembles the high plains and desert of Wyoming which is nearly 3 times that height above sea level.

  14. Beautiful photos - the Ice Art is just beautiful - all those different shapes and forms. Just awesome :)

    Hope all goes well with Daisy and what a great picture of Trigger.

  15. Ann - Today would be a good birthing's lovely and sunny, if a bit freezing.

    BB - I can see it moving inside and it looks pretty big to me!

    Jenn - Glad you like that one of Trigger. He looks better in winter than summer I think, when his head looks far top small for his body!

    MM - Those high plains must get SO cold being that high. Do you know what the bedrock is under them I wonder?

    RR - Daisy is currently up here munching. I took a great picture of her yesterday afternoon through the windscreen of the car, sauntering up the drive without a care in the world!

  16. Wonderful photos of the ice formations Em. If 'they' have the forecast right you could be photographing them for weeks to come yet!

    Lovely pics of Trigger and Daisy too. I do hope all goes well for Daisy, a foal will make her look less lonely, which she does to me at the moment although I know it's silly to anthropomorphise...gosh, that was a big word for a Thursday lunchtime! :-)

  17. Anthropomorphism or not, I agree with you! When I got back from Origami Boy's Easter service this afternoon, she was hanging around outside our parking space looking mopey. She could have been sniffing around my little shed where I keep Trigger's stuff of course. FOOD.

  18. These posts are utterly astonishing, Em. Never seen ice like it! You should do a 'Dartmoor: patterns in nature' book ...

  19. What a lovely idea. I wonder if anyone would buy it? There's a project for this year!

  20. Beautiful photos and just over the hill from me! Thanks for your comment Em and pleased to meet you!
    I do know Danielle. What a small world that you should be pointed to me by someone in NY!
    Warm greetings
    Rima :)

  21. I thought that looked like Fernworthy in the distance!

  22. Looks like you are still in the grips of winter. Spring is still trying to appear here but today is only 48 degrees. The Bradford Pears and Spring flowers are in bloom but it's still pretty dismal.

    Love the Tor formations. They are so incredible with the ice on them.

    Great photo of Trigger, would make for a lovely art piece. Love how the mare has settled in to a routine. She must feel safe with you. Doesn't look like the baby has moved back yet, but that can happen quickly before foaling.

  23. She is very wide isn't she! I have a lovely picture of her from today; just her head. I really hope it warms up soon.


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