28 October 2012


The week of endless travelling is over and with it, the fog. Yesterday was the first day we could see further than 50 yards up here which was a huge relief. The pictures in this post are taken with the new camera on Thursday in Brixham, on Friday on my way back over the moor and yesterday morning in the bitter cold. I'm really impressed with it, especially the zoom which enabled the cormorant and seagull pictures. It was very grey and some were taken from a very long way from the subject, hence slight blurriness at times. It has captured the subtle pinky greyness of the day beautifully. Origami boy had a great week so it was worth all the driving. Here are his group in kayaks in the harbour on Thursday - rather them than me.

Brixham Marina

I'm not sure these next ones are all of the same cormorant but at least they're in sequence

This one was from over a hundred yards away in mid dive so I'm amazed it came out at all


When he was tiny, I used to take Origami Boy to Hound Tor at least once a week to climb the rocks. Since he started school we rarely have time to get over there so it was lovely to visit. It is usually swarming with tourists, most of whom also visit the fabulously named mobile cafe, 'The Hound of the Basket Meals', but on this occasion, with the fog, drizzle, high wind and freezing temperatures, I was completely alone. It was eerie in the extreme and I found myself having to breathe deeply and calmly at one point to stop myself panicking after a strange noise; I didn't have Snippet with me which was why I was feeling vulnerable I think.

This next picture was the first I took with the camera and was pretty disappointed with the weather conditions and their photographic potential. However, I quite like the result. 

Autumnal colours

Ice over what was a puddle. I don't quite know how this effect is achieved but it's very beautiful and Snippet can eat the ice without getting his snout wet

Frosty gorse and grass

Number 10 and his mum in the early morning sunshine yesterday

Tomorrow it's my partner's birthday and we are all going to Morwellham Quay, the site of the 'Edwardian farm' series....I think....I'm beginning to lose track to be honest! I will try and remember to put the battery back in the camera which I forgot to do today. Very silly. Having been very dismissive of the whole Halloween thing pre-Origami-Boy, I'm having to attempt to embrace the whole thing for his sake and whip up some enthusiasm for the 'scary mine train ride' and other seasonal events on offer. Gritted teeth but at least Snippet is allowed in. I fear he may be gritting his teeth too.....until next time, have a lovely week.

23 October 2012


Just back form the Brixham schlep. What a nightmare it is. It took nearly two hours this morning and tomorrow I have to get Origami boy there BEFORE! Was awake from 4.00am this morning stressing over my route and rightly so it turned out; the fog on the roads was the worst I have ever driven in and people were scooting along at 80 miles an hour on the dual carriageway with gay abandon. When I took Snippet out this morning at 6.30am it was pitch black and so foggy that my torch just illuminated a stretch of white cloud in front of us. Snippet is basically tarmac coloured which wasn't helping matters. I gave up and tried to get my eyes to go nocturnal. Not entirely successful as I bumped into the verge on the lane and lost my footing, sliding to the ground and putting my hand into a crop of slimy fungi. Talking of which, apologies for not identifying the following but I just don't have the time at the moment. I will endeavour to do so at a later date. They look lovely though! There were more but the fog over the last couple of days has not been kind to the camera lens......

This one was 5 foot in the air on a beech branch

These too...

Some more foggy pictures.....

Middle Tor

I think Lizzy will be fine over winter! 

Number 10 is looking better for it being milder. He, number 2, Lizzy and their respective mothers, the bright bay gelding and the strange filly from the far left of my banner photo seem to have established quite a stable splinter group now

Fog dog

I would normally be out walking at this time but am waiting for the arrival of a new camera. I hadn't realised how much technology had come on since the manufacture of my 13 year old Fuji and thought it impossible to get something which will have enough zoom power to capture the elusive birds without spending many hundreds of pounds but it seems I was wrong. So £170 later and, wincing as I pressed the relevant payment button, I should soon be the proud owner of my third Fuji. Oooooo - it's just arrived! It may take a few days to charge it and work it out but I'll be interested to know what you think of the results. Right - I can go out now, having sullied the delivery man's computer thing with my kiwi fruity hands; I was just finishing lunch. Here are some other pictures from the weekend:

Mother and foal from another herd

Master of all he surveys

I love this one!

Origami boy (who doesn't feel the cold as you can see) and Snippet inside a fabulous structure someone built of gorse in a sheltered place by a wall last year. It's still standing but is definitely not waterproof!

I rescued this little frog from Trigger's water bucket; it had fallen in and was swimming around the bottom, unable to scale the vertical sides

This looks like a painting I think....

A Dipper on the wall at the bottom of the drive, taken through the car window with my little compact camera. I can't believe you can see it's a bird!

A sweet little female Chaffinch in Chagford. Given the lateness with which they fly off when being approached by cars, I've always thought they must have tinier brains than other birds. 

Misty mossy rock

Sorry for the photo overload - it's been a busier few days than I was expecting. Don't forget to let me know if you want to be entered for the draw for the drawing in the last post if you haven't already done so. I'd better see if I can get something done before the return of Origami boy after today's kayaking (not sure about that spelling) and abseiling. Rather him than me. I'll leave you with Snippet at dawn; until next time....