29 October 2013


Commission two was for Seagull Suzie at the fabulous . A real pleasure to do a cat as I haven't drawn one since my two died almost eight years ago. Thanks Suzie! What beautiful eyes he has.

We pretty much missed out on the storm which was a huge relief. I hope those of you in this country were as lucky. So many were not. 

Not many photos today as it's been too wet a lot of the time to venture out with the camera. Half term is in full swing and OB is having a good time with his friends. Not a lot of time for photography or walking but here are a selection of bits and pieces with a smattering of Chaffinches:

Storm clouds on the horizon

Trigger and friends in a VERY brief respite before the next torrential shower

Rainbow today

Poor Jack really doesn't like the rain. Unlike Snippet, with his thick coat, his is like silk velvet which I wouldn't consider donning in this weather. I have to put a blanket over him when we get home poor little thing. Give it one winter up here and he'll probably sprout a pelt.

Thanks to everyone who has bought the Christmas cards. Only two packs left; well three actually but one lot were the models for the photo and may have the odd finger mark on them - nice. A few prints sold too which is just wonderful. So, until next time, when I hope to have got out a bit more, here are the dogs speeding through the grass over the weekend. 

24 October 2013


One of the three commissions I've had recently was to draw CT's dog Teddy, often to be seen on her great blog: . What a great subject he was; the scruffier the better I find. It's been so great to actually work at something I really enjoy. We won't be installing a swimming pool any time soon, but it doesn't matter - I feel like I've achieved something at the end of the day for the first time in ages. So....thanks to the three of you who have put your trust in me!

Welcome to some more followers too; it's been a bit of a bonanza over the last week. Thank you so much and It's wonderful to have you all.

Here are some photos from the last few days. First, a Mohican Chaffinch:

Not very sharp, but I loved this little Blue Tit on the fading hydrangea:

I can't remember which foal this is but it's grown a lot and definitely isn't black any more. So much for them all turning grey:

Back to fungi.....and those found on the endless gorse, both dead and alive. I've never seen this strange, flat and slightly pitted one:

I think this is an older version of the last:

If you have a brilliant memory, you may remember the black Witches' Butter fungus I photographed last year. This, I now realise, having photographed it many times, is the yellow version, also known as Yellow Brian, Golden Jelly Fungus and Yellow Trembler:

Does anyone know what these TINY little red fungi are? About half an inch wide, if that:

Very strange.....

These look like tiny Chantarelles but I'm just not sure:

Three ponies in the rain:

And then there were four....

Stormy clouds:

Most of the Beech leaves have gone from the trees on the fringe of the moor:

We've had a couple of days without major rain, but more is due tonight. I'm back wearing wellies walking, which isn't good for my feet, but the alternative is trench-foot from boots that just aren't up to the job. Fine in a shower, but once the ground is saturated, rubber is the only option for me unless I have some kind of miraculous financial windfall and can buy those boots whose price make your eyes water. Anyway, the fire is lit and the smell of smoke and autumn leaves is in the mist outside. The dogs are out of the habit of their evening walk now until spring comes and are asleep in their baskets. Until next time, here's Jack in the grass. I love the second one. 

21 October 2013


As promised, here are the results of a stroll through our neighbours' woods. Actually, it's more shelter belt than woods, running along the edge of the peninsula of land on which we live. I am reliably informed that these pines were only planted twenty five years ago or so, but they tower, rustle and flex in the gale force winds up here on the moor. Ugly they may be, but they serve a very good purpose and in their shadow lie all these specimens and more that the auto-focus failed to do its job on but I failed to notice thanks to middle aged sight issues - grrrrr. I won't embarrass myself by even guessing at the ones I'm not sure about. Fly Agaric above obviously....

Much more mature Fly Agaric above and a little colony below

Yellow Staghorn

It's been raining now for 48 hours and looks set to do so for the foreseeable future. Very depressing as I watch the road the council spent thousands re-doing over the spring and summer being washed away before my eyes. In their wisdom, they seem to have reduced the camber which means we are now driving through lakes as opposed to being able to dodge between one-sided puddles. It is not good. Too bad for cameras at present but I'll try later in the week. Here are some more photos since the last post. 

One of those lone pine escapees waiting for Christmas

Grooming foals

I moved the bird feeding station back yesterday; I've been really missing having them close by and being able to photograph them. Here are some Sparrows in the pelting rain today:

I also spotted these Fieldfare in the Rowan tree today. Sorry they're not great but it was raining (obviously) and through a rather dirty window. 

Three lots of cards sold so far - thank you! Also, a flush of new followers which is lovely. Welcome and thank you too. OB has been ill over the weekend and I've had him at home all day off school so I'm really behind with everything. A short one tonight and until next time, here's Jack, who I'm trying to catch doing his meerkat impression in the long grass, unsuccessfully so far; this is as close as I've got: grass nicely in focus, Jack sweetly blurry.