28 April 2014


Those of you who have been following this blog for a LONG time might remember tiny Foal number 3 from the first lot of foals I followed back in 2012. He was born in March of that year and here he is back then with his mum:

He is the only remaining member of that herd. Most have gone for meat I imagine. So sad. I haven't dared ask what became of Lizzy and Betty. I know the farmers who owned them have got rid of their ponies because they're just not viable. Anyway, depressing thoughts aside, today I saw Foal number two who must be just two himself now, indulging in some Alan Bates and Oliver Reed style shenanigans with one of last year's colts. 

Will he ever get any bigger? Probably not. 

On Sunday, I saw a very big herd of yearlings with some mares and geldings in the rain and mist. SO nice to see so many of them together.

This afternoon I took Trigger down to spend the night with the Madams. The leading lady heard us coming:

As soon as Trig gets through the gate, he rolls and rolls:

And shakes:

What a mess:

A ewe and her lamb have taken up residence in the field but every time I go down there, the lamb looks keen to escape:

Caught in the act. 

The Sparrows in the garden are incapable of eating with their mouths closed:

The Magpies are getting more brave but rarely dare to actually take any food; just looking. 

I can't take too many Nuthatch my opinion anyway!

You'll be inundated with Meadow Pipits too this summer I'm afraid. I like Kestor all blurry in the background of this one:

On Saturday we all went to our Tourettes group meeting in Exeter. It was a pretty poor show which is really sad. At first there were quite a few boys of OB's age there but they've gradually fallen away leaving a small core of young adults. I really fear for its survival. 

Tomorrow I'm taking some card samples to a local shop in Chagford to see if they would be interested in stocking them and I really will get organised selling them here as well soon. It's just been so busy. So until next time, here are the dogs in our beautiful landscape - my sanity. 

24 April 2014


I'm sure most of you will recognise these Rusty Ducks and possibly remember that Jessica, of fame, came to see me a few months ago. Today was my turn and we had a lovely day pottering round the home of those ducks. Something went seriously awry with my camera as, when I got home, the four duck portraits I took had disappeared. Jess very kindly sent a couple through.....I've cropped them a bit because I just can't leave things alone. They're even more gorgeous in the flesh, or metal I suppose. I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy admiring the fabulous garden; the land is so different from where we are. We saw Marsh/Willow Tits (moving too fast to tell which and this photo isn't a lot of use) one of which I managed to snap:

When Jess came here, I served her bottom-of-the-fridge soup and a roll from the Co-op. In return, I ate a fabulous salad which included chicory, salmon and toasted walnuts. I was well and truly put to shame - delicious.

On the drive home I saw a few things that caught my eye. This lion was on top of a gate post:

Even better close up:

I think there may be a well in this little building. Too much traffic to go and have a proper look and I needed to get back to meet OB off the school bus:

I took this of Dartmoor in the distance; a view I rarely see:

Here are a few more pictures from this week. 

This morning I saw this pony snoozing:

So did Jack:

Yesterday I went looking for Orchids in the marsh as I do every year.....

No Orchids but I did see this beautiful Wheatear. A bit far away but those markings are so stunning. The original meaning of Wheatear, as I may have mentioned last year, was 'White Arse', which is evident here:

Jack was good with sheep; he's getting better. 

The garden is starting to look okay at last with a few things beginning to flower. 

Yellow Archangel:

Two lovely Lungworts, one deep blue and purple........

...........the other orangey pink:

Forget me not:

Geranium Phaeum:

This Robin was in for a treat:

The next three were taken on my phone, so apologies for any quality issues.

Fighty dogs:

A foal at last! Not seen it since but at least there's one out there: 

And sun-loving Jack finding a hot spot in the sitting room:

The weekend is nearly here already with Easter a distant memory. If I don't manage to post before next week, which is quite likely given the shape of the calendar, I hope you have a great weekend. So, until next time, here are those gorgeous rusty ducks again.