29 March 2013


Today, one year ago, the 29th of March, I wrote my first post. I wondered if anyone would ever read it and whether I'd be able to think of anything to write about or photograph. I must admit that it has become an important part of my life and an incredible help in filling the gap that not being able to ride any more left. I'm so grateful to every one who follows and leaves comments. I've met some fabulous people, if not face to face obviously, and found huge support in difficult times. I never expected that when I started. I imagined it would be a lonely experience, speaking into a void but how wrong I was. Thank you all. Today has been a good day, culminating in a Chinese takeaway from Exeter; a rare treat when you live where we do. Yesterday wasn't so good when I realised I couldn't find my purse and my precious glasses that I use for computer work broke. I have no idea what happened to the purse, but I've cancelled the cards and will be okay without the 27 pence it contained! The week old  drivers licence and photos of Origami boy as a baby are more of a wrench. The glasses have been mended with a plaster, Jack Duckworth style. Coronation Street is my secret indulgence....not so secret now. Amongst the relative rubbish are characters that have made me cry and laugh. No other soap like it. Probably best to stop there I think! Here are the glasses; not a great look for the school library.

Triggers 'companions' are still staying away but at least I've found them amongst the gorse forest now. I was starting to get worried that they'd somehow managed to escape. I would not have been popular. Here's one of them, skulking and looking warily at me. 

And Trigger eating his breakfast off the frosty ground. He prefers that to a bucket so I just tip it out now rather than watch him chucking it about with his nose.

On our way back from the school Easter service yesterday, Origami Boy and I followed Daisy up the drive on her way to her late afternoon and night time residence. She's getting very slow now.

 She was out on the moor this morning again looking rather beautiful:

A few more pictures from the last couple of days:

Bird table pictures:

Male Blackbird

Female Blackbird

The Mistle Thrush

Male Chaffinch just taking off

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend and thanks so much again for following and reading this. How strange that I have 52 followers after 52 weeks.....until next time, here's Snippet with a stick today.

27 March 2013


I hadn't intended to post before Friday, which will be my first blogging anniversary, but the ice I've seen over the last couple of days has been so fabulous, I had to share it with you. It amazes me how many ways water molecules will arrange themselves in freezing conditions. A couple are from the hoar frost but the rest are puddles and accumulations on Kestor Rocks.

Grassy banner

The top of a gate

Multiple grass banners

These look like ice flowers but were growing out of the peat in a small gulley

What a great fabric design this would make....


There was no water left in the dip below this sheet, just a dry, empty hole

This is massive piece is about five foot tall! A few more close ups of it:

These next two are taken Halfway up Kestor:

Closer up on the fabric design one. White chiffon perhaps?

Daisy's routine is quite established. She spends the night up here, arriving mid afternoon and then leaves early morning to go and stand out on the moor, fairly close by, just staring into space. She must be close to giving birth surely. Here she is yesterday morning:


Yesterday afternoon:

And this lunchtime....all alone as usual.

Before I go, I think I have cracked the Macro Post mystery. It still gets over a hundred hits a week so I had another look at it yesterday. I suddenly noticed that I'd mentioned I was off to watch Borgen and I'm sure that's what it is. I guess if this one gets the same reaction I'll be right although, with it being off the air at the moment, the frenzy is less likely! Until next time, here's the Round Pound in this morning's snow, and Trigger displaying his lack of wonder I went over his head that day. Keep warm!

24 March 2013


South West England seems to be the only area of Britain to escape the snow. We are very lucky but are still suffering temperatures down to minus five centigrade today. The last few days the moor has been shrouded in thick mist, contributing to today's amazing hoar frost. Nothing really on the ground; just attached to everything above ground and blown into directional banners by the freezing Easterly wind. Lots of frost flowers in lying twigs too. Yesterday I saw the first foal briefly in the fog, but it took fright when it saw me and scampered away before I could get my gloves off, let alone the camera out. It was chestnut, with a white blaze and I will be out searching for it tomorrow. Until then, the frost needs no words from me. It was magical.

It sounds like the freeze is set to last the week and, when it says a temperature on the forecast, we can usually subtract five degrees or so up here. I hope that foal is okay. Here's Snippet, busy in the fog yesterday. Until next time........keep safe in the freezing weather if you have it.