15 October 2015


Dear all,

Thanks so much for all your comments on my last two posts. I miss blogging and you all so much but, realistically, am not going to be able to do it for a few months yet. All is well but, as those of you who blog know, to do it properly takes a huge time commitment which I just don't have currently. I'm still taking pictures and they're building up with nowhere to put them. In the last couple of weeks I've been posting phone pictures on Instagram which gives the opportunity to keep in contact with people through comments without the same time issues. It would be absolutely lovely if any of you could follow me there; I usually stick a a photo there every day as it takes seconds. My user name to search under is Wiggy55 .

Just a few bits of news:

OB has started secondary school and is really loving it. Long days and very tired, but he's coping incredibly well. His tics were terrible over summer but his suppression exercises have meant he can control them when he really needs to. They're calming down a lot now he's more settled. Parents' evening tonight, where we tackle the age old 'what are you going to do about his maths' problem. Even though he's in the top set, he's done all the work before and will get bored......

Mum is pretty settled at the care home and Power of Attorney has come through so paperwork continues!

I broke my foot five and a half weeks ago, ten minutes after OB left for school on his first morning. There was an amazing mist in the valley and I rushed up Kestor rocks to photograph it, only to slip and get an identical fracture in my right foot as I got twenty years ago in my left. Really interesting how advice has changed in that time. My recovery has been twice as fast just by walking on it gently from the start rather than hobbling about on crutches. I was also advised to wear a tubi-grip thing overnight twenty years ago whereas now they'd have a fit. I'm back walking pretty normally now because my ankles haven't lost muscle like they did last time. Not driving for three and half weeks stuck out here in the wilds wasn't good!

I have a new gardening job until Christmas, have finished upholstering my neighbour's chair, which I REALLY enjoyed and have taken on a holiday cottage change over for a friend which we'll do together - makes it less like work. I've had a few commissions which has been lovely and the possibility of more to come. I don't think I'll be able to do Christmas cards this year but any commissions gratefully received! I'm feeling a lot less stressed with a bit of money coming in but, with the traipsing back and forth from the home, I'm not able to do quite as much as I'd like. Never mind - life takes you in a direction and you just have to adapt. 

The dogs are fine. Jack ate a bee in the summer......I recognised the signs from the Adder incident last year and, after carrying him the two miles home as he refused to walk, stuffed some pain killers and antihistamine down him and only ended up with a very small vet's bill as a result. Silly dog. He doesn't learn; two weeks later he nearly did it again in the garden!

Trigger is very lonely without the Madams but I had a very bad experience getting him out of their current location where I ended up on my back in a tussocky bog after dragging him out of a wild wood where I actually got lost. I hope they'll be back soon and they can be reunited. They need company and it's been six weeks now poor love. Nice picture of him above though.... 

Right, I realise it's now nearly an hour since I started this, which is why I've had to stop. This won't buy the baby a new bonnet, as my grandmother used to say. It would be lovely to hear from you on Instagram.....

I know there must be a million other things to tell you but I can't think of them now. I hope you're all well and happy and I will check in here again soon...ish. Thanks again for all your support.

Much love Em xxx

PS - Until next are those boys!


  1. Lovely hear all your news. sorry about your ankle incident but hope it is nearly all healed now. Good that OC is back ast school. Have not got on to Instragram and really do not have anymore time for anything else. Love the dog shots and I miss you moor photographs.

  2. Hello Em, glad to hear from you. I do miss your more frequent blogs but some times things are what they are. There fore I apriciate it very much you found the time to make this blog. Sorry to read that Trigger misses a compagnon. The dogs look fine. I am glad the incident with the bee ended up OK. Good to read that your mother is doing fine and that your son OB is doing great. Hope your foot is healing quicly that must have been painful.
    Take care and I will try to look you up on Istagram.

  3. Thank you for the update on how things are on the moor. Lovely to hear that OB is OK at secondary school and you are healing well after the broken foot. More slowly up the hill next time!
    Take care and I look forward to when you having a bit more time for putting your wonderful photos on the blog again.

  4. Glad to hear that all is well. Will email you.. take care x

  5. It seems that when family and/or financial demands are increased the first thing to be put aside is our creative/introspective time. I hope your situation soon establishes an easier pace.

  6. So happy to see your post today.
    Glad to know all is well sort of !
    Daughter spent two weeks up nort and took many photo of or sorts of wood things and mushrooms !
    I thought of you.
    While I miss your posts with all the beautiful photos, I knew you were busy.
    I have been thinking about instgram. I tried FB and Liken but it is too much trouble. Plus confusing.
    I will be signing up soon and see you there.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Dear Em, So lovely to see your name pop up on my side bar - I have so often wondered what you were doing. Glad that OB has settled into his new school so well too.
    One of the people I blog with has the same problem as OB but I can't remember his blog name. When I ave posted this I will go to his site and send you another blogpost.

  8. Going back to read his blog I see that you are already in touch. Pleased about that.
    Take care.

  9. HI there. I love that first photo. Good to here that OB is doing well.

  10. A fantastic image of Trigger Em, a truly beautiful shot. Good to hear OB is doing so well and I'm so sorry to hear about your foot, but glad it's mending so well. Great photos on Instagram!

  11. It was nice to read all of your news! Life is such a busy and demanding thing isn't it? Sorry to hear about your foot...I did that a few years ago...even a few weeks recovery time seems to go on forever. Followed you on Instagram, I've missed your photos!

  12. Missed you, Instagram is not my thing, but I hope you will eventually pick up blogging again!

  13. Lovely to hear from you Em. What a nuisance damaging your foot would have been! So glad OB is settling - I hope the interviews - and the "What do we do about the Maths?" went well. I wonder if there is a university lecturer, or senior student, who might be prepared to take him under his/her wing? I'm not sure how you'd go about setting that up, but in these "internet connected days" it ought not be impossible?

  14. That is a lovely picture of Trigger. Nice to check in with you and I'm so pleased things are a little more settled. Keep going my dear! XX

  15. Great to hear from you and to know that things are pretty much going well. I hope that your foot continues to improve well and that it will soon be a distant memory. Sounds as though things are good for OB. It must be a relief to have your Mum more sorted and for you to know that there is now always someone on hand to care for her if you cannot immediately be there. Take care of yourself and don't worry about your blog, that is the least of your concerns, you can see from the comments that your bloggy pals will still always be here! Hugs to you! xx

  16. Hi Em,
    It was lovely to see you pop by and catch up with us. So glad that OB is doing so well in his new school and your Mum is settled too. Sorry to hear about your accident these things always seem to happen at the worse time! Take care. Sarah x

  17. Life is full of surprising twists and turns Em. My mother is now in a nursing home after 'living on the edge' alone with dementia for the last few years, she now is safe, supervised and getting the quality care she needed for so long. My health too, is like the oceans tides going up and down over the years and seasons. But through it all - life is a beautiful pearl. I wish you and your family all best wishes and appreciate the beauty you bring to your blog to share with us. Mark

  18. Good to catch up with your news - so sorry to hear about your ankle but so pleased OB is settling into secondary school so well.

    Pleased too that your mum is settling into the new home and power of attorney is progressing. Once you get everything set up things do get easier and less time consuming. How I wish I had got my mother to take out pofa forms but by the time we realised it was necessary she had alzheimers which is now advanced and I had to go through Office of Public Guardian to take out deputyship which is all quite complicated as you have to submit annual reports accounting for every amount of money spent etc. Also my brother still lives in my mother's house which has made things horribly difficult especially as we are not on speaking terms!!

    Not on Instagram but my daughter is so I will ask her to show me how it works!!

    Hope things quieten down for you soon.

  19. Lovely to keep up with all your news, I know some of it is not good, but OB is happy and so is your mum. Hope your ankle gets thoroughly better and does not develop a weakness of giving away as mine does occasionally. All the best for now xxx

  20. Hope you are still reading this Em. I can't see how to get on Instagram and I do so wish to thank you for the delightful card with hares, which arrives this morning. I do hope that things are going well for you and that OB is still happy in his school.

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  22. Hope all continues well for you and OB dear Em.
    Dartmoor must be cold, perhaps snow covered on the tors at this time. Devon's having its share of storms I believe. Stay safe and warm.
    Happy New Year - sorry it's a bit late - and hope to see you back here with your wonderful photos soon.
    Hugs - Mary

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  24. Miss your beautiful photography and posts of the beautiful countryside. Hope life is treating you fairly and that things are sorting themselves out. Hope your ankle is okay and that your rascals are behaving - at least there are no bees at the moment.

    Take care



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  26. I am just wondering how you and OB are Em. If you manage to pick this up do let me know you are well and that OB is still enjoying his school.

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  31. Em, I so oftenwonder how you are and how things are going down there - I hope you pick this up although I know it is only a faint chance.

  32. Always happy to read about what is going on in your part of the world! Thank heavens for Instagram!

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  34. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!

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