24 March 2015

BLOG #251

Oh my goodness..........I feel like I've been trying to write this for weeks and I can't think of a witty, pithy or even informative title so hence the number. Sorry. Where is the time going? Since we last 'spoke', OB has had his 11th birthday and his tic suppression exercises from Great Ormond Street have been all consuming. His progression has been amazingly speedy, thanks to that young sponge of a brain no doubt, but it can take up all our spare time. The longer he does it for, the less time there is for anything else and he's been doing some incredible times; some over an hour. Also, I seem to be plagued with things not working which then need sorting out with emails or phone calls. Jack's spray collar malfunctioned after one use and, having had a very snotty email from the company I bought it from which was totally uncalled for; I was extremely polite suggesting that the fact that the box had obviously been previously opened was unacceptable, I then got through to the manufacturers. A lovely woman there told me to whack it on the table and stick a biro in the nozzle. Job done. Let's hope it has an effect now....

I saw the specialist diabetic nurse at the hospital last week, who was absolutely lovely and ordered me some new insulin pens on which I can dial up half units. This will be really helpful as someone who is, as she put it, very insulin sensitive. They also have a digital readout on the end that tells you what you last injected and how long ago it was. This may sound unnecessary but I quite often go into ground hog day mode and can't remember if I've injected or not. So, even if I don't get the pump I want, at least I now have some jaunty red pens. This morning I was able to order the blood glucose monitoring system I've been waiting for since December. Yesterday the company's computer system crashed with the huge volume of us trying to place our orders! Very excited. Will report back as to how it's going. 

Right, some photos. Mrs Woodpecker is much less shy than her male partner and has let me get quite close to the window to photograph her. Isn't she beautiful?

I've had a few encounters with the beautiful dun pony over the last few weeks. She comes straight up to me and definitely wants attention. I'm wondering if she might have been abandoned; there are no other ponies like her and she suddenly appeared with a group I know well. I've never seen a dun coloured pony in this area. There's nothing more engaging that an animal who seeks out your attention and I'd love to pop her in my pocket and take her home. 

A couple of last year's foals checking out the dogs:

Two of the three sisters:

Sheltering from the wind:

When I was talking to our local Peregrine expert after my sighting, I asked if they would take a Golden Plover because I keep finding feathers in the area where I often photograph them. He said they definitely would and that they would leave feathers intact rather than crushing them as a fox might. I often find wing feathers, which are nice, but fairly ordinary. These, however, are the tiny ones that make up the stunning triangle markings on their breasts. I took them home.

Meadow Pipits turning their backs on me:

An unusually lone Starling which was just sitting in the grass:

Wood Pigeon preening:

Jack being Jack:

I love the colours in this one, even if it is just a rock. Kestor is in the distance out of focus:

It's been slightly foggy recently, particularly around the time of the eclipse, and the light has been beautiful through it. 

Last Friday swailing took place just outside our hamlet and up and around Kestor. The next morning the ponies and sheep were on it looking for new shoots. It stank for days.

On Friday we also found out that, despite hours and hours of form filling, Devon County Council have refused our request for a Statutory Assessment for OB. Everyone is pretty disappointed after so much hard work but we have to move forward and hope that his secondary school can provide what he needs within a non-statutory framework. God - I'm starting to sound like them. I have high hopes of the school and we CAN reapply if things don't work out, but it's definitely a set back. We'll keep fighting.....

So, until next time here are the boys, one of whom will be back in training today. Have a lovely week and I'm off to try and catch up with some of your blogs....a rare treat!

7 March 2015


What a crazy couple of weeks it's been. So much has happened I will doubtless forget most of it until I'm out walking and then will have forgotten again by the time I get home...that's being over 50. Anyway, the first thing to talk about is these frogs, who were having a whale of a time in my neighbour's very small pond. Not only were they in, and around the pond, but the surrounding grass was alive with them too. Here are the best of the MANY photos I took:

Since my post levels have been unfeasibly low, I'm chucking in the February bits and pieces here too. I'm at the point where I barely get through a third of my daily list of things to do every day so blogging has had to take a back seat.

The Golden Plovers are back:

He looks like he's seeing if anyone's looking before taking on a sheep:

Pompous looking Chaffinch:

Buzzard from below:

Marching Magpie:

Blue Tit...........

.........trying to hide?

Not the best looking Robin. Looks very fierce here:

Three Sisters?

Trigger looking for his neighbours:

Sleeping pony on the moor:

Ice patterns:

I love this; stunning morning light:

Blurry Jack:

Less blurry:

Snippet looking like a teddy bear

So what have I been up to? Mainly dealing with OB and the fact that he's being bullied again at school. Many meetings and complaints about the fact that it wasn't dealt with properly before Christmas. Things are looking up as they're now coming down hard. Anybody different is a target and it breaks my heart. I know I'm biased but a sweeter natured boy it would be difficult to find. Last Monday and Tuesday we were at Great Ormond Street for the long awaited therapy. Five sessions with an hour between each. He did really, really well and they think he could reduce the tics by up to a third and, with lots and lots of work at home, get back some limited control when he wants it, in a cinema for example. Over half term we went to see a film and he had to move seats as he was squeaking in a man's ear, so to be able to hold them in would be amazing. that incident made him very sad and it came up when we were in discussion with them at GOSH. He's so brave and I'm so proud of him. They had mock SATS recently and he's a level 7C in maths with his 11th birthday next Thursday. They can't officially grade him that high because the government won't allow it, but he is. What a star with everything he's going through. Anyway, I'd better go and get him to turn his light out after a draining day for many reasons. 

So, until next time, whenever I can, here are the canine boys, one of whom is in daily disgrace......a remote control citronella spray collar is on its way to try and deal with him.....more information about that next time as he needs a post to himself. It's not the hairy one of whom I write......have a relaxing Sunday and I'll try not to leave it so long. I miss you all.