14 August 2014


Another week gone by and almost the halfway point of the holiday. OB and I had our first day free from friends and visiting today and it was rather a relief to be honest. I caught up on some of the increasing pile of admin, if not the increasing pile of ironing. I've managed to scupper summer by buying OB a season ticket for the pool. Instant rain and a chill in the air. 

The moor at the moment, is turning gold as we head for autumn. Contributing to this, is the fact that there is more gorse in flower than I think I have ever seen here at one time. The grasses are browning at the tips and the combination is stunning in all lights. 

These next ones are taken on my phone and, blown up, they look like paintings don't you think?

Someone was looking at me when I went to see Trigger the other day:

We have a family of Buzzards nesting somewhere in the shelter belt. I just couldn't get a good one of all four of them together but here are a few of the parents:

I trimmed the hedge by hand at the weekend. I can't believe we only planted it three and a half years ago:

The skies have been grey for days now:

The people I went to see about Trigger last week came to see him yesterday. Unfortunately, the day before, he had his idea of the day from hell. The extremely kind farmer who lets me put him in with the Madams decided to move them back up to the original field closer to us. Unfortunately, this move involved herding them with a quad bike and I imagine much shouting. When I got to him later that afternoon, he was in a complete lather, prancing about and not letting me anywhere near him. Luckily, the next morning, with much calming, I managed to get him home. He was like the pony I met four and a half years ago and I was in tears at the prospect of months of work. However, when I introduced them, he was a little better but he really isn't what they're looking for. They said something very telling: that he needs ME being the constant in his life for the first time in his life. Looks like we're stuck with each other.

On Saturday we're off to Kingsand in Cornwall, just over the Sound from Plymouth. A week in a tiny cottage in a place we had a lovely holiday five years ago. Three days after I had my accident, we were supposed to go there but obviously didn't. We'll be away for the third anniversary of that horrible day. I still feel lucky to be here every day.

So sorry I'm being such a rubbish follower at the moment. I snatch ten minutes here and there when I can but OB  and his antics are dominating most of my time. One of the biggest things is the fact that he's going to bed a bit later and I end up with an hour and a half of time without him being around wanting to chat and comment on his every move! I know ten is early for me to be going to bed, but I'm up at six thirty every morning. So, until next time, when we get back, here is Jack in the grass. Snippet is being shy again. 

6 August 2014


I've been trying to get this shot of a Southern Migrant Hawker in flight for three years now and yesterday was the day. Not brilliant but not bad. Thank goodness for digital cameras. Below is another Keeled Skimmer I think. It was completely exhausted and would fly a few feet, then land again for some minutes:

As you know I've been failing miserably with butterflies this year. Tiptoeing over the moors like an idiot after little Meadow Browns and Small Heaths who never rest. The other day, my neighbour with the beautiful big garden who very generously gives me many plants, rang to say their Buddleia and hydrangea were covered, so off I went to see the Peacocks, Red Admirals and Tortoiseshells:

And a Small White....wings blown out in the sunshine:

The Marsh Thistle was attracting life again. This time the butterfly had flown completely out of shot by the time the delay had expired. Sigh. A little Honey Bee left I think. 

A rather good looking young Blackbird on the feeder. Certainly better looking than that last one preening itself in the sun. 

Male Sparrow. The porridge still disappears in minutes, even at this time of year:

The Housemartins have nearly finished the nest but I'm not sure if they're resident. I can't really stand staring up at what might appear to be our neighbour's windows for any length of time. 

Obligatory Pipits:

Some amazing evening light:

OB sowed some carrot seed in March but only one made it through the Slug hell of our veg patch. He harvested it, if one can possibly harvest a single item, yesterday:

Definitely organic.

I love it when heather pokes up through the bright yellow of the gorse flowers:

Unknown pony in the sunshine:

When I first saw these in the grass, I thought they were tiny flowers but, on closer inspection, I think they might be fungi, possibly Pleated Inkcaps. I'm really not sure so any input gratefully received. They were about half a centimeter or one fifth of an inch across. TINY. 

Dogs enjoying the sun:

I haven't mentioned OB's Rubik's cube prowess recently and he wanted me to mention that his record for solving the 3X3 cube is 17 seconds now. At the end of term, he achieved level 6 in maths (if you don't have kids of school age this will probably mean nothing to meant nothing to me until a few years ago), which was his aim throughout the year, and I gave him the promised 7X7 cube as a reward. It really is an amazing achievement but then so is solving this momsa of a puzzle. 4 minutes at the moment but what I love is the fact that he's worked out how to make letters on it. F for his REAL name.....

The meeting with the people down the road about Trigger went well but I am now waiting to see if the lovely lady, who would suit him down to the ground, wants to come and meet him. She's also looking at ponies in local rescue centres. I'm keeping everything crossed as the place is horse heaven and her cob is a lovely calm animal who would keep Trigger grounded. I'll keep you posted. 

OB has as friend here for a couple of days so I've been taxiing them around. Am writing this in a brief respite but it's now time to pack them off to bed. They are currently giggling at some kind of ten year old boy's idea of smuttiness. So, until next time, here are those dogs looking alert having spotted someone on the horizon. Have a great rest of the week.