30 January 2015


I rarely remember to take my camera into town but on a particularly frosty morning, I did. We haven't had Starlings up on our bit of the moor at all this year, so I was delighted to see this tiny murmuration up on the frosty TV aerial of a 1980's house. 

Their markings remind me a tiny bit of those on the Golden Plovers who, incidentally, appeared again on Wednesday after an absence of at least a month:

After many years, I have a tame Robin, who will get within six inches of me. No feeding from the hand yet but it follows me around, especially when I'm preparing Trigger's food. I took this during the RSPB Garden Bird Survey last weekend:

Some of the Chaffinches are getting pretty close at feeding time too. They're SO hungry at this time of year I suppose. 

Just before Christmas, we went to visit M's dad in Paignton and got some fish and chips in Brixham. We were inundated with greedy Turnstones rather than Gulls and I took this on my phone. I'm terrible about downloading pictures from it and have meant to put this in for ages. Not great quality I'm afraid but better than the Goshawk I took last week which was unpublishable! 

This is a very beautiful thing flying. You might not agree but I absolutely love them and we are blessed with a variety of different ones thundering over....often on a Tuesday I find. This Lynx was weaving all over the place. Look at the heat haze on it....gorgeous. 

Trigger went down to see his ladies this week before the snow started and I managed to get a good sequence of him going into a roll:

We haven't had as many glorious sunrises and, of course, it's getting light earlier and earlier. By next week I may be too late at 7.30am. This was a good frosty one though; same day as the Starlings:

I've had two commissions to do since I last posted. One of Poppy for CT at and one, which I started today, of Thelma's dog Moss ( ), which has a cautionary tale attached to it. I drew Moss before Christmas and decided to leave sending it for safety's sake until the festive post frenzy was over. I gave it to M to post in the new year, but forgot to ask him to get proof of postage. I also forgot to scan it so couldn't even send Thelma a print when, after a couple of weeks, we decided it was lost. Over four hours work down the drain. CT's has gone recorded delivery! Moss will be done but it's very strange doing him again. 

Right, time for other stuff. The January bits and pieces post is going to be a big one so I'd better start editing now. So until next time, here's Snippet at Dawn. Have a lovely weekend everyone. It's supposed to start snowing heavily here at 3.00am. Hoorah!

22 January 2015


Having a pony with you seems to make the more shy members of the animal kingdom less so in the face of an eager woman wielding a long lens. I have always had problems photographing crows and today I thought the shot below was as good as it was going to get. 

However, as we schlepped along the road, the solitary bird flew in front of us and landed in a lone Hawthorn tree. I leaned on Trigger's back to steady the camera and here are the results; I think they're okay.

Laughing at me:

As the snow started to melt at our level, the higher hills in the distance kept their white coats and the light seemed to paint the scene with pastel hues:

The dawn colours have been stunning too:

Trigger has been wearing his coat at night:

And not in the day.It's an itchy business wearing a coat.

I'd never managed to capture a wren and a few days ago I saw one flitting around in a gorse bush. They normally disappear before I've even turned the camera on but this one stayed for a couple of seconds. It never did reveal its head but this will do for me for the moment:

There was an amazing frost flower about eighteen inches in length one morning but it was in deep shadow and only this detail was in focus. Still amazing. Has anyone else seen any this year I wonder? Do let me know if you have.

OB played his first football match in goal for the school B team tonight. This is the boy who had no interest in team sports until 6 weeks ago. He did really well and made loads of saves. Two all; their best  result for years apparently. They're not great! My feet still haven't thawed out yet. So, until next time, here are the boys yesterday. No snow at all today. Have a great weekend.

15 January 2015


The day before yesterday I woke to find a thin dusting of snow (not above); beautiful at dawn:

It was a taster for the following day (yesterday), when I woke to find rather more; up to six inches in the dips. Again, beautiful at dawn (the first photo is of this proper stuff):

The dogs loved it. This is Jack's first real experience of it as we had nothing to speak of last year. No more words required for a bit I think. Apologies - there are rather a lot of them.....

This one is a good illustration of our being above the snow line:

There's nothing more photogenic is there? 

Thank you so much for all your comments on the last post. Your support is so much appreciated and makes everything easier to deal with. So, until next time, I'll leave you with those snow loving dogs. and give any kind of extended prose a miss. Have a great weekend!