21 July 2012


Thursday was the last day of term and we are now well into the holidays and seven weeks without a decent walk I fear! Never mind; my son deserves a great holiday. He’s worked so hard at school this year. He was moved up from year three after Christmas and joined the combined year fours and fives, leaving his group of very good friends behind. He knew some of his new class as he’d been doing maths with them for the autumn term; he has an inexplicable talent in that area! He was given the choice and we were staggered that he agreed to do it. I know I couldn’t have done so at his age. On Wednesday, he was presented with an award for achievement in the church and we are so proud of him. Here it is - the shield looking shiny on the shelf!

This weekend is the Chagstock Festival, which is apparently quite famous now. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been but enjoy the sight of it from the moor, here sparkling in the morning sun – 
yes, SUN.

A few days ago I braved the marsh in order to get to Lizzy and Betty but had to turn back as I found myself sinking VERY slowly into it. I realised before it reached the lace holes in my boots thank goodness but before I did my tussock jumping out of there, managed to get a few shots of them and the altogether lighter Snippet amongst the cotton grass.

That day, foal number two was hanging out with the geldings. He really is growing up much faster than the others. Even foal number one still looks younger than him. Here he is on Friday morning too where I think he, his mum and a few others had slept the night before.

Shaking his head

On Thursday afternoon, I took a little film of foal number four approaching us and staring at Snippet. I think they really want to play with him and often try and nudge him. When he scampers away, they often scamper after him. I usually put a stop to it at that point but it’s very sweet to watch their playfulness and them gaining in confidence.

Finally, a few more pictures from the last few days:

Foal number eight very deeply asleep

Just woken up

Back with Mum

A Snippet in the grass

Hydrangea on the window sill

Tiny Self Heal in the grass

Bullfinch back eating Herb Robert seeds

I can't say what kind of quality posts are in store over the next seven weeks so apologies in advance, but till next time, enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Foal number 4 is certainly more advanced than little 8, isn't he! And quite a distinct personality too. Enjoy your holidays with your son. Will there be trips away as well as 'blobbing time' ? It's the busy time on the farm, I know, so perhaps this isn't the time you can go too far? We work on a four term year, and our longest break - Christmas - is only around 5 weeks. The children head back to school at the end of January and February is by far the hottest, most settled month. It's a shame they're not off then. At least you get a real summer holiday.

    1. I actually think your system sounds better though the grass is always greener. Over the seven weeks, the children just get out of the habit of working and find it really difficult to get back into it in September. It's been absolutely glorious here today and is forecast be so for the rest of the week. Hooray!

  2. What a beautiful place! I do envy you the moors with their wide spaces. We have family (or did) in Carlisle and I remember visiting them as a small child and being fascinated with the moor. Alas the family has scattered or passed and I don't look to be visiting that part of the world in this lifetime. So glad I found your blog, it is super!

  3. Lovely photos Em, as always. I loved the little curious foal clip too - I'm sure he wants to play! I am envious of your ice blue Hydrangea - I bought a reduced one at Wyevale, and of course it is baby pink (not my favourite colour). Perhaps I should give it tealeaves or something to change its hue.

    I hope you manage to get some walks in during the holidays (does you son enjoy walking?) WELL DONE to him doing so well and getting that award.

  4. Beautiful photos of a different environment, loved the little dark foal, very sweet. We found our part of Wales very wet under foot, especially the moor, congratulations to your son as well by the way. Doesn't he like walking?

  5. yay to the hols! sorry i missed the shield giving-congrats to F (there's an engravers in Totnes)!love pony and mum pic x see you soon!

  6. Am having huge problems with the internet again so sorry not to reply to you individually. This is the third time I'm trying to load this comment so I can only cross my fingers....

    Gail - thank so much and I remembered, after reading your comment, that my ancestors were from around the Carlisle area on the moors so it must be in the blood.

    BB - that hydrangea actually belongs to a neighbour but drapes into our garden. She sees nothing of it and we get all the benefit. It's HUGE.

    Thelma - he does like walking once we get going but it's the getting him out in the first place that's the challenge! On Sunday, we all walked about seven miles, so he can do it.

    Jo - He absolutely loves the shield!

    BT are on the case now and apparently the fault is 3.2km from the house....hmmmm.


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