30 November 2012


Am having one of those days where nothing can cheer me up, not even the moors I'm afraid. Have done all my Christmas shopping and the cards are now started in earnest. I had to share Origami Boy's effort that we've had printed through one of those school based schemes. I think it's beautiful and we have thirty of them to distribute. I love the bauble flying off and the freedom with which he's drawn the green of the tree. I wish I had his confidence! Tomorrow is the first of December so really not long to go. I wonder if it will snow up here. Rather than bore you with my woes, here are some pictures from the last couple of days of lovely clear skies and iciness. 

Frosty Dawn

Icicles on Kestor Rocks

Water frozen as it flowed off the rocks

Ice patterns 

Not much to eat

Hungry Sparrows

Only snow missing for a festive scene

Snippet met his friend Wellington up the hill today and was in high spirits all the way home after romping about for ten minutes. Wellington takes one step to Snippet's four so he was exhausted when we got home. I keep finding bits of this gorse branch on the floor this afternoon!

It's the school disco tonight and Origami Boy is very excited. I'd better get some food ready for when he gets home as it starts at 5.00pm and he'll need to be getting into those glad rags. Perhaps having to fraternise with other parents will snap me out of my black mood....I hope so. Have a great weekend and I will speak to you next week. Until then.....


  1. Love love love all the photos, Em. When I win a lottery I will be over so you can teach me how to use my Fuji Camera settings please :) , as I am terrible at reading manuels.

  2. I don't read them either Cindy, unless it's actually not functioning at all, which it hasn't so far. If I win the lottery first, I'll come to you.

  3. Yep, wonderful photos all of them. It really does look cold up there!

    Love that first photo of Snippet! He's having a great time.

    I do hope you have a better weekend Em.

  4. Sorry you're feeling down - it does tend to happen at this time of year to me as well.
    Love the pictures in your last few posts - I am anxious to share them with my husband but don't want to until I've given him his drawings which I want to be a surprise.
    Hope you feel better soon,
    P.S. I too only read instruction manuals when everything else fails.

  5. Rusty Duck - Thank you - I hope I've got it out of my system! Snippet finds it difficult not to have a good time.

    Carla - God forbid he should see the sidebar and happen to express how rubbish he thinks the two bird pictures are! Thank you for your kind wishes; it really does help.

  6. What a great eye Origami Boy has.Loads of fluidity and movement in his drawing.You must be very proud...
    You obviously passed your skills on !

  7. What a great Christmas tree drawing! He definitely has talent.

    I find the holidays depressing for no other reason than I am unable to decorate and cook like I used to nor go walking. I love this time of year and hate not to be able to walk in the woods looking for shed antlers. Hopefully your depression will pass soon.

    Your photos really show the Moors as they are this time of year, very bleak and cold.

  8. Rachel - He showed no aptitude whatsoever until he was about six....just scribbles endlessly or balls with arms and huge hands!

    Gail - So sorry you're not able to do what you really want. I know it's not even close to what you feel but I do miss riding desperately. I wish I could do something for you to cheer you up. x

  9. Splendid photos!
    Loved the one with the pool best. I now live in the city so miss open countryside.
    Even if you feel a bit down the dog is certainly having a splendid time.
    I prescribe more long walks and looking at things.
    All warm wishes.

  10. Thanks Elizabeth and you're right about Snippet. I always think it would be cruel not to have a dog up here. He has such a great life.

  11. Just back from Sheffield, so belatedly wishing you feel less than glum now . . .

    Lovely photos of the water frozen on the granite, and the irrepressible Snippet never fails to bring a grin to my face!

    Glad your son is becoming more artistic with keeping - well done on such a lovely card.

    Let's hope we all survive the forecast of the next few weeks!

  12. Hope you had a lovely time up there. It snowed here today; slushy non-settling kind. Hail, sleet and rain too!

  13. What a wonderful drawing ! And I too love the bauble flying off the tree.
    You will have the best ever Christmas cards this year.
    I make my Christmas cards every year but one year my oldest son did the best drawing of our tree with the Star War toys he wanted under the tree. It was a black ink drawing and like Origami Boy's drawing filled with fun, happiness and energy.
    Best card ever.

    cheers, parsnip

  14. I know I'm biased but I think so! Subtle work from your son....I wonder what Origami boy is trying to tell us with that long thin parcel?


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