29 December 2012


I am one of those many people who get totally confused at Christmas. I have no idea what day it is when I wake up what with bank holidays, weird and mostly unwatchable telly and bin collections on strange days. I'm fairly sure now that it is Saturday but my mind is in a state similar to these pictures I took of Origami Boy's remote controlled tiny flying UFO that he got for Christmas. Feel familiar?

The rain, as we all know, is getting ridiculous. People who have lived here all their lives are saying they've never seen anything like it. Up as high as we are I feel we are at the source of the downward deluge. The quantity and speed of what is cascading down onto the lower ground is terrifying. I can hear it hammering against the window again like gravel in its intensity. I managed to get out with Snippet today in an hour's respite. We haven't managed to get very far up till now and I stupidly forgot my mobile so decided not to go down to the river, which I could see from afar had burst its banks. My mobile saved me when I had the accident so I feel very unsafe out there without it now. Water is not very photogenic but here are some pictures of the sodden moor.

The path

The path, increasing in length by the minute!

This is the normally static puddle which has now taken on a flowing life of its own

The river Teign, twice its normal width in the distance; normally you can barely see it from here

This morning I saw a Goldcrest hopping about in the dead hydrangea bush that is normally filled with sparrows. I rushed for the camera but it was gone by the time I got back. I had the same experience with a Jay this afternoon. The birds are laughing at me again. Here are a few of the more bold ones, including the less ostentatious female Spotted Woodpecker through a rainy window, hence the lack of clarity I'm afraid....sorry:

Sparrow/chaffinch showdown 
Sparrow wins

Yesterday was slightly less wet but made up for it with the wind for a few hours so we all went up the hill to be blown around, Snippet included. What a ridiculous sight...his tongue was flapping in the gale.

I took this one morning; the tips of the trees looked like sails in the same high wind. 

I have to admit to hoping for normality to return as soon as possible. I'm afraid I'm usually in bed on new year's eve by ten thirty! When Origami boy gets up at 6.00am on new year's day, I really don't want to have had three hours me a square but I love my sleep. Talking of which, it's way past my bedtime now so.....until next time, we can only hope for a break in the deluge. I hope none of you are flooded. Have a lovely Sunday and I'll leave you with a slightly less windswept Snippet.


  1. Oh dear you all will be growing webbed feet! The pen drawing of Snippet is great. It's good he's got a pink tongue, otherwise you could never find his face under all that hair!

  2. That's so true Chris. I need to do some hair cutting soon so he can see!

  3. I keep telling myself that at least this isn't snow. Up East and the West are getting hammered with snow, SW of us are getting violent storms.

    The holidays always leave me in confusion as to what day it is also.

    Love the birds!

  4. It looks very similar here in Somerset.

    LOL we are the same. With no TV, the only way I know what day it is, is the little time thingy at the bottom of my PC screen! We are doing our Sunday roast, but it doesn't feel like Sunday!

  5. Gail - We do get snowed in so that would be very disruptive but the damage the raging water is doing is incredible. There is a channel six inches deep in the drive which appeared in one night of rain!

    Kath - I'm making Lasagna rather than a roast today just to confuse myself even more!

  6. This rain is indeed getting ridiculous. The garden has just become a quagmire.

    I love that woodpecker, through the window or not. They are magnificent birds.

    Keep dry, Jx

  7. I'll try! and you too. The woodpeckers are gorgeous, I agree. I keep imagining your steps as a cascade of water....I do hope I'm wrong....x

  8. I lose track of the days too. It really didn`t feel like Sunday today.

    Great photos of your rain, windy landscapes and running water. It is so wet here in the New Forest and more rain is on its way tonight.

    Stay safe with Snippet, up on the moors.

  9. What horrid weather! Keep warm and snug Em. I hope the ponies have found shelter.

    In New Zealand we've had very warm, muggy weather - over 30 degrees, rather than our usual 22! Actually the heat is ok, it's the humidity I can't cope with. I feel like a butterball, and my temper becomes distinctly unreliable! Oh well, if it's not one extreme, it's the other!

    Happy New Year to you all

  10. DW - It's still raining here and everyone's gutters are overflowing.

    Virginia - I wish it was that warm here but I can't stand the humidity either!

  11. Beautiful photos. I am so glad to have discovered your blog.

    You're not alone in getting confused over days at Christmas and New Year!

    Hope the rain eases off soon - its been awfully wet here over the Christmas period.

  12. Well as I am a worrier Em always go out with your mobile, wandering around alone on the moors can be dangerous. Photos are gorgeous as ever, and water is a good subject to photograph, especially when it is lively.....

  13. you have had some rotten weather. I thought I saw on Daily Mail Uk about some horses dying because of the weather?

    I hope January brings some drier weather for you all, otherwise you're all going to be rusty from the damp.

    Gill in Canada

  14. Ragged R - I haven't really been listening to the weather but I'm assuming it's been wet everywhere. Perhaps it's been snowing in Scotland? All part of the total Christmas confusion!

    Thelma - That mobile saved my life and, at the time, my ring tone was Origami Boy shouting "Mummy, answer your phone!" which was surreal.

    Gill - I think you're right. Somerset has been under so much water I think it's likely a lot of livestock has drowned. I think it's meant to get cold in the second half of January so we'll be living on an ice sheet!

  15. We have a mini river at the bottom of Conker tree field. I'm glad we've now had 3 days without it 9Daren't say the word...) I'm realy ging to struggle getting to work on Mon as I've been lying in all week! Everyday is like Sunday (Oh Morrisey!) x

  16. This is the one time of year I sleep in but M back at work so we're having to get up to be supportive! I think it's Thursday today.


    Hi Em,
    I thought of you when I read a post of Joe Hagy's recently. See above. He is a funny nice guy.


    1. Hi Susie, thanks so much for this. If it wasn't for all the swearing I'd show OB but perhaps when he's a little older. I'll definitely be getting in touch with the cranky old man himself!


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