20 May 2013


A few weeks ago, I drew John Grey's dogs William and George. If you don't already follow his blog, you should - They were great subjects and, yes, here's one of those progression of a drawing posts. William first..........a more suitable candidate for pencil than pen.

When I started, I felt like I was drawing a teddy but he gradually came to life. 

Eye first, as usual

That little black nose with a tiny bit of light shining on it.

William's coat is curly so many squiggles were required.

Wrist hurting from squiggles, a break for the tail.

Lots more squiggles - sorry -maybe I should be more technical in my description, but I don't really think about it when I draw; squiggles work for William.

Filling in and defining the shadows.

Finished squiggles and more definition. 

A bit of colour....

.....and background for the finished drawing.

George next - a perfect candidate for my pen. Snippet-like so I don't think I could have done him in pencil in the same way as I've never captured Snippet that way. He was considerably quicker to do, more sketch-like and consequently I forgot to take many pictures.

Quick outline.

Eye and ears.

The face begins to appear.

Red of the collar and his lovely scruffy coat.


Still no luck on the friend for Snippet front. Looking at William makes me hanker after a Welsh Terrier but there aren't any around here. We either have to get a young dog SOON or wait until we've been away in August and then get a puppy. We made the mistake of getting Snippet in late October and I spent the whole of November standing in the rain saying "have a wee" every half hour. It worked but I would really prefer to do that in more clement conditions. 

Until next time, here are the scans of the finished articles again. Thanks for the great models John.


  1. We are delighted with the pictures. They are framed and are in pride of place on the cottage walls,....

    You are a talented artist... I would recommend your work to all

  2. Brilliant! You have really captured both dogs. John is right, you are a talented artist.

    Now, what is all this about another dog...and a puppy..yikes! Actually I would think any time of year is perfect (unless, of course, you are going away), but consider this...We were presented with ours a week before Christmas 07 thanks to darling daughter - Yes A Week Before Christmas!!! can you IMAGINE! ...and we survived :)

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so sweet.
    Lovely drawings.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Such gorgeous drawings.
    How talented you are!

  5. You make it look so easy and effortless, and it truly shows your talent!

  6. clever, clever girl. lovely work

  7. Super pics Em, I enjoyed seeing how they developed. Have you registered with rescue centres re the pup? Teddy came that way- we'd been looking for an older dog then ended up with a 10 week old pup! He is the best dog in the world. Good luck with the hunt.

  8. Superb drawings and fascinating to see the different stages in the process :)

    Good luck in looking for another dog.

  9. These are absolutely delightful - I adore John's dogs (particularly that Welsh terrier - yes i would love one too) how I wish I had such talent.

  10. Thank you so much all of you for your positive comments. I have to rush off to a meeting so I'm not going to reply to everyone individually today....many apologies!

    Still no whiff of a canine companion for Ernest Snippleton and OB calls him.....

  11. I love the WIP shots! Great portraits of both, so glad you are doing some art!

  12. It's finding the time Gail! Pathetic really but you need that dedicated few hours without a break really which is a rare thing here....

  13. That was absolutely fascinating Em. I really enjoyed seeing the different stages and the finished articles were beautiful! I have always longed to be able to draw and have never understood why it fascinates me so much and yet I can't do it :-( Maybe it's a confidence thing, that's not my strongest suit. I do remember a school report saying I had 'a flair for colour' but have always wondered if the teacher mixed me up with someone else!

    Many's the time, over the years, that I've stood in the garden in all weathers, every half hour or so, with a bewildered puppy on the end of a lead ;-)

  14. What wonderful drawings - you have a great talent. I learned a lot by your showing how each picture was developed. Thank you. I really must try and get back to drawing again . . .

  15. Very interesting! Seems to me a very difficult subject to draw, but you did them brilliantly.

  16. ShySB - I understand the confidence thing. Doing the blog has really helped that but I would still never dream of going to someone face to face in a gallery and ask them to sell them/do an exhibition. I feel too old a dog now to change my ways but you never know.

    I'm resigned to the late August puppy thing now I think. Bound to rain all September!

    BB - It took me 48 years to get around to doing it for any reason other than duty so I know you can do it too! Just put aside an hour or two and have a go.

  17. Wonderful drawings and fascinating to read how you completed them. I agree with other comments; you are very talented. Hope the right dog turns up soon.

  18. I'm so impressed. You are such a talented artist.

  19. WOW! Em, you are breathtakingly talented! Squiggles rule! They look like wonderful characters - did Snippet enjoy their company too?

  20. CC - Sorry, I missed you there...Happy Birthday again by the way!

    Wendy - It's looking like a puppy after August at the moment; we're even thinking of picking one up on our way home from London.

    Terry - Thank you very much.

    Virginia - I wish I could tell you that the dogs sat for me while Snippet looked on but I'm afraid they were done from photos John sent me via email. I've never actually met them. Squiggles definitely rule!

  21. Fascinating watching the artist at work, lovely drawings at the end.

  22. This, Em, is a really fascinating post. What truly wonderful results! You must be thrilled. I wonder if you find this kind of art relaxing or exhausting? I know I would find it very tiring, but immensely satisfying, too. I paint (or dabble in my case) very little at the moment, but always wish I could slightly switch off my cerebral receptors or whatever ... and just relax into the creative process!

    1. That's a very good question. I do kind of lose myself in it and time goes very fast, but I don't think I find it relaxing. I'm too self critical and worried about getting it right. I find using a pen better because there's no going back from making a line so I just have to accept it and not reach for a rubber!


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