11 May 2012


Fifth foal

At last, a plain coloured foal! Today is the first day it hasn't rained for some time and it has lifted my spirits, which were a bit low. I haven't been able to find the ponies for some time due to a mixture of thick mist and a herd of grass munching, invading cows. I found them today; Betty looks well and this little one looks pretty new. It was such a relief to find them all, if rather further away than I would like. At the beginning of the week, I took this picture of foals one and three, who have really bonded. It's lovely to see them galloping about together.

Foals one and three

The moor is like a big wet sponge, squelching underfoot. No amount of waterproof spray can stop it getting into my boots and wellies are so uncomfortable to walk in. Also, this winter's sock selection are of the slipping down variety. Very inconvenient yesterday in a high wind, trying to take off the wellies to pull them up and nearly taking off myself thanks to the MC hammer trousers. Luckily, no one else was silly enough to be out there in the rain and see me. I rushed off to my hydrotherapy appointment in Exeter (an hour's drive), paid for the parking, only to find that it had been cancelled and no one had thought to let me know. Very cross and very sore after two hours of driving with no nice warm water to break the journey. 

Looking better

Trigger is looking much better after weeks of hard feed. He seemed very perky this morning and I'm really looking forward to some dry walking soon, weather permitting. He's not a huge fan of rain and wind but then who is? Snippet had a good play with his lady friends too.

Stick envy

The garden is looking much better thanks to generous donations from my kind neighbour. The grass is full of dandelions overnight, threatening to seed, so the mower will be out over the weekend. One of my favourite geraniums is out and, to my great surprise, is doing well in the plant killing dry shade border.

Geranium Lavender Pinwheel

All the hedgerows round here are full of Jack-by-the-hedge (garlic mustard) but will soon be that beautiful combination of red, white, blue and yellow: Red Campion, Stitchwort, bluebells and buttercups. Having said that, I can see myself trawling the lanes with a camera to try and find the four together, and failing. Talking of elusive pictures, I took one of a nuthatch which I'm almost too ashamed to put in as, quite frankly, it could be a bit of old plastic I've stuck to a twig. I promise it was there.....honestly.

It really is a nuthatch

Last weekend, my partner found a tiny dead common lizard and brought it home so we could have a really close look at it. Normally they're scuttling off under a rock when we see them so there's no chance to get a decent view. I took these pictures because it's just so beautiful. Its tail has obviously been eaten by something but the rest is intact.

Common Lizard

And finally, this morning I noticed that one of the beech in our hedge is coming out.....just the one, but that's better than nothing. You never know, by the time the last one is out, we may get a couple of months before they go brown!

Snoozing ponies and happy sheep today


  1. great photos, I loved the mini crocodile! dogs with their sticks make me laugh. My blog freind John has a photo on his blog of all 3 of his terriers, carrying the same stick :-)

    1. The mini crocodile was an inch long, if that! Such a shame it was dead but at least we got to have a look as a result.

  2. It DOES look like a very mini croc doesn't it?! We used to have Lizards and Slow Worms in our Southampton garden, so I grew up with them and had no fear of picking them up. First they would wee on you to try and make you drop them, and then drop their tails in the hope that would do the trick.

    Cute little skewbald foals, and the bay with the big star. I was looking at your skyline and trying to work out if it's one I am familiar with . . . No, don't give me any clues. I will consult Crossing if I remember.

    As for dogs 'n' sticks. My friend's 3 cobs (2 of them pure Welsh cobs) play with sticks - amazing to see them trying to take it off each other and run away with it!

    P.S. I LOVE your drawing of the little piebald foal. And - I believe you when you say its a Nuthatch . . . honest injun!

    1. I wonder if you'll get it; the skyline I mean. Your name implies you might know the Haytor area best.

      The nuthatch flew a foot over my head as I was getting the washing in's taunting me!

  3. Love the snoozing ponies and happy sheep. We are at the beginning of our dry season and before long I shall be envying England's warm rainy days -- note 'warm' please.

    1. We'll be very lucky if it's warm but it will almost certainly not be dry!

  4. Hey Em, Loving the pictures. The Nutchatch-That should've been a 'Guess what/who'? ;)
    Looking forward to seeing more of your drawings soon x

    1. Glad you like them and that's a good idea for my next appalling
      ornithological photo - thank you! x

  5. Poor baby croc! Interesting to see your detailed photos as they usually rush away so quickly. I wonder if a bird had its tail for dinner?

    It`s pouring with rain again here. I always feel sorry for new born foals and lambs when the cold rain drenches them.

    1. I think it probably was a bird. It was SO tiny; only about an inch long. Amazing what a fairly cheap camera can do. I just tried to post on your blog but had problems Maybe it's there and I'm just not understanding how to do it properly! Sorry!


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