11 April 2013


Escot is one of those places I don't actually mind taking Origami Boy. A great place for children and adults that we probably visit once a year. It has a great beech maze, red squirrels (who evaded the camera I'm afraid) and many other fabulous wildlife and play areas. We met a friend and her son there in the morning, had a picnic lunch after getting lost in the maze for some time and than ducked into one of those indoor soft play things while the rain tipped down for half an hour. A trudge through the woods and then the boys ran off saying "we're going to the rope swing". Twenty minutes later, and a search involving the manager of the place and exchanged mobile numbers around the whole site, they were found but I experienced a feeling I've been lucky enough to avoid for the last nine years. Whilst I knew logically that they were unlikely to have left the site, the rising panic as I rushed round looking everywhere, dragging a Snippet around after me on his lead (he's not keen), was such a terrifying sensation. Other than my accident, I have never been more glad of the existence of mobile phones. The manager rang me to say he'd found them and harsh words were had with boys....they hadn't even noticed we weren't there! Anyway, we needed tea after that and headed for the cafe via this strange Peacock who was getting VERY hissy with a Guinea Fowl who was completely ignoring him.

This lovely Mallard:

Not sure if this is a Peahen or was in with the Red Squirrels:

Pussy Willow with a bee.....a live insect! First for a while I can tell you....

A fabulous spider on a wall.....

A metallic Wild Boar.............

A Eurasian Eagle Owl.....

And finally, a group of Asian Short-Clawed Otters........Snippet was straining to get to them in assassin-mode.


Tea was drunk and we felt better. Origami Boy and I, having arrived early had been there for five and a half hours; long enough thank you. Sorry this is a bit brief but we got back late and, to be honest, I'm quite keen to get to bed! Until next time, here's one more picture of those delightful Otters. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh My Goodness, all I want to do stare all day at the otters scrunchy little faces. So sweet.

    Losing a child is the worst feeling.
    My x lost our fist child at Dogers Stadium in LA (he was 4 years old) I was 7 months pregnant with our second child and so mad at him, he was too busy buying beer for his father !
    I understand the panic you felt. My baby daughter died at 2 months and I still feel upset that I could have lost both of them in the span of a few months.

    I am so happy to hear all is well, except for Snippet who had to be on a lead.
    Poor doggie.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. WHAT a scare, Em! Definitely a case of all's well that ends well.

    Despite this, your photos are simply INCREDIBLE !!! That peacock was a real poser ... and as for the Otters ahhhh ... so cute!

  3. Magnificent peacock, and the otters too.
    I hope you got a much needed sleep!!! x

  4. Love the otters! Kids will be kids (:

  5. Other then the "scare" right off the get go, Em, what a cool place to go visit. The peacock photo looked to be a painting. So nice. x

  6. I think every parent has been through the mind-freezing terror of a [temporarily] mis-placed child. All the bad-ending stories come to mind and it is hard to think what one should do.
    On another note--do you exhibit your photos? The details of feathers and fur in this batch are wonderful.

  7. Parsnip - Terrifying isn't it. I can see why he is you ex. I'm so sorry about your daughter; I had no idea. It must be with you constantly. x

    Caroline - That Peacock was very strange indeed but how lucky for me that it was prancing about with its feathers out!

    Rusty D - I did sleep very well - thank you.

    Margarethe - How true Margarethe!

    Cindy - I think I will be doing a drawing from one of those photos.

    MM - No - I've never had the confidence to think of exhibiting them!

  8. Have been through similar thing when L was little. No fear like it. Glad all ended well. Surprised tea was strong enough!

  9. Really lovely photos - the otters are superb :)

    I wouldn't mind of those wicker spiders for myself :)

    So glad everything turned out well with OB and his friend. What a terrifying incident but it can so easily happen especially when they are that bit older and just want to run off and explore.

  10. CT - actually, my friend had tea....I just didn't want to admit I went for the massive and very rich hot chocolate! Was offered cream and a flake but resisted....

    RR - I agree - it would look lovely on the side of our house. When I see things like that I feel inspired to try and make them but then forget or don't have the time. Otters were extremely sweet but I had to take Snippet away before their feeding frenzy started....I don't think he would have coped with the excitement.

  11. Having mislaid my girls (at 4 or so) - one at the seaside and the other in a busy outdoor market, I can still remember the frisson of fear. I lost sight of our son at the seaside and found him climbing the rocks towards the railway line with a train thundering towards him. Have nightmares about that too!

    Fabulous photos and the peacock is fabulous!

    Parsnip - I am so sorry about the loss of your baby daughter. I guess that the pain of that loss is something that never really leaves you.

  12. I'm amazed it's never happened before to be honest. We don't get out much...

    Glad you like the Peacock too!

  13. Children just don't understand why we panic so!

    Oh Em, these photos are wonderful! The peacock, duck and owl just beg to be drawn and the otters are darling.

  14. Oh my! I felt your panic, so glad all turned out well. Mobile phones do make a difference. I have a terrible, well, non existent really, sense of direction and always feel so much safer with my mobile in my bag.

    The photos of the Peacock are stunning. I have never managed to see one in all its glory in courtship mode.

  15. Gail - they really don't. The two of them were clearly bemused at our reaction. Feel free to use the photos for drawing. I will be!

    Shy SB - We have the Guinea Fowl to thank for the display. I didn't realise they used them in fear and anger too!

  16. What an outing!
    so glad to see the bird pictures.
    Just wait until origami boy hits his teens and goes to rock concerts......
    So glad all ended well.

  17. Because of living out here, he will be requiring parental taxis until he can drive so I'm hoping there won't be TOO many outings!


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