15 April 2013


At last. I have had reports of sightings for a few weeks now but not seen her (I think) properly till this morning. Her mother is one of a group of ponies that belong to a farmer who breeds pure Dartmoors and is pretty careful about the few he has out on the moor, hence she is a 'proper' colour. Isn't she gorgeous. 

My partner said he saw a grey out last night with a new foal, which could have been Daisy. Another black one. Unfortunately, Snippet has damaged his foot again digging too hard down the rabbit holes in Trigger's field, so is on bed rest. I'm not going to be able to get out much at the moment. I'm feeling pretty rough with a strained chest muscle which makes breathing painful and a chest infection which isn't the best accompaniment to the latter complaint. So let's hope Daisy comes back close so I spot her from the car. 

BT are coming this afternoon as our broadband is so narrow that it's becoming almost impossible to view pictures, let alone listen to audio files, and as for video, I'm beginning to forget what it is to watch Northern European political or crime drama on BBC i-player. Apologies if I haven't been commenting on your blogs as much recently; it takes so long for a page to load that I only get through a few before I have to give up. For some reason, the upload time for photos seems unaffected which is very strange. 

With all the rain recently at least there's some hope of grass growth. Trigger is staying down the lane for another couple of weeks and is being fed twice a day to try and keep weight on him in the absence of lush spring grass. I took this picture of a bedraggled Nuthatch over the weekend. They are definitely nesting in our box again this year which is great news.

The Greater Spotted Woodpeckers are back too. I don't know where they went for the couple of months they've been absent from the feeders.

Maybe this character has something to do with it.....Snippet's nemesis, who skulks in the bushes waiting for an unsuspecting sparrow. I usually manage to chase it away before it can do any damage. 

Time to get off to the vet's with hoppalong Snippet. I have a bad x-ray feeling about this, which means taking him to the Okehampton branch of the vet's 12 miles away and jeopardising the BT appointment between 1.00pm and 6.00pm. You just know they'll be here at 1.01pm if I'm late and drive away again. Oh well....until next time, here's my poor boy looking VERY sorry for himself.


The vet thinks he may have strained or even broken his toe. It could also be a thorn he couldn't see, embedded between the toes. We have drugs to cover either possibility and he goes back on Wednesday to see if the dreaded x-ray will be required should there be no improvement......


  1. That gorgeous foal - I love the one of it stretching its back legs out.

    Sorry you are under the weather and dog too. Our farm dog has got an eye problem and is off to the vets later today - not his favourite place.
    Interesting that your woodpeckers have been missing for a while - so have ours but have returned this week. I began to think they had died in all the cold weather.
    Sorry too about the internet problem. Mine is sometimes slow and it is so frustrating and usually coincides with a time when you are in a bit of a rush.

  2. Poor Snippet!
    Poor you --do hope you feel better soon.
    Yes, the foal is gorgeous.
    Loved the birds.
    We are thrilled that we have a pair of red-headed woodpeckers right outside our window right in the middle of Manhattan!

  3. Weaver - the internet is better in the morning obviously which is why I thought I'd better get the post done early. Good luck at the vet's this afternoon and that is very interesting that your woodpeckers are behaving in the same way. The Nuthatches have been lass frequent visitors while they've been nesting so perhaps that's why?

    Elizabeth - That's really exciting. I always think you have to compromise on the nature in the inner city but clearly not. Perhaps you're near central Park?

  4. Oh I'm in love! What a lovely foal and black to boot!

    I hope your chest infection gets better, and no it's not good for your pulled muscle!

    Poor Snippet, hope his appt doesn't delay the visit from the internet people. I know how frustrating slow internet is. So glad we finally bit the bullet and got a satellite, it's so wonderful to be able to have everything load.

    Your nuthatches look like our chestnut breasted nuthatches.

  5. I realise you must have a soft spot for a black horse! I've just looked up your Nuthatch and they are really like ours. We may well have to think about satellite as there aren't enough of us up here to warrant digging up the road.

  6. Ahh and Yay! to the foal. What a cracker. Super conformation a fab example of the breed- well done farmer (and mummy horse). Oh dear for poor snippet. Hope he's feeling better soon. And you too Em. CTx

  7. Oh, I hope its nothing serious with poor Snippet? Please post and update.

    Gorgeous foal, Spring must b e here at long last as the two horses behind us are out in their paddock without their winter coats on......


  8. Poor Em, poor Snippet ... and what a STAR of a foal! It all happens in your neck of the woods ... I do hope the patients pick up and that there are signs of spring to help you on your way. Yes, what wonderful bird pics. We went looking for Smew and a Firecrest (both seen at Minsmere in recent days) ... but they eluded us. Still to see frogspawn ...

  9. That foal is so sweet. I do hope Daisy comes by too.

    Our woodpeckers disappear from time to time, especially the female. But she is now back and active on the nuts. Preparing for egg laying perhaps..

    I hope you get well soon Em, and Snippet. x

  10. CT - thank you.... and isn't it a beauty. Much as I love a coloured horse in its place, Dartmoor is not that place. The big piebald stallion from a couple of years ago has a lot to answer for!

    Gill - Trigger has his coat off too today!

    Caroline - No sign of any re-spawning here. I guess they don't come back to check if the last lot died in the ice or dried up in the sun. I do hope you find the Firecrest. Just that one was an experience I'll never forget.

    Rusty D - Funnily enough, it's the male I haven't seen. I'm sure you're right though, nesting and egg laying is upon last.

  11. What a beautiful little horsey! Also, this morning brought a nuthatch and a woodpecker as well although I can't remember the name of the latter. Great pics. Hope you and your doggie feel better. I've got a terrible cold and can sympathize.

  12. OOh I've gone all foal broody!

  13. Hope you'll both be feeling better soon.

  14. The foal so sooo sweeee! I love its elegant stance in the second photo.

    So sorry you and Snippet are below par, I hope you both feel much better soon. My husband has a nasty cold and is threatened with a few days in the shed ;-) I have severe respiratory problems so any colds affect me very badly.

    Lovely photos, so special to have Nuthatches nesting there!

  15. What a mess I made of that first sentence, I hope you got the drift!!

  16. When I saw your heading I though you had seen Daisy.
    What a beautiful foal I love the 2nd photo (I think) where the leg is stretched out like a runway model.
    Goodness all our gud dugs are on crate rest thehamish has ripped his ACL and hates being quiet ! More xrays on the 26th for him.
    The sweet photo of Snippet being very quiet and very booboo is so funny. You rarely post photos of him not running or digging !
    Hope your better soon and the internet company fixes your problem.

    cheers, parsnip

  17. Sonia - Hope you feel better soon too!

    Kath - I'd like to put her in my pocket and bring her home...

    Shy SB - So sorry you have respiratory problems. The shed sounds like a good idea! Most afflictions here come from OB and the primary school. I complete;y understood your sentence!

    Parsnip - I wish I had seen Daisy. Funny how you get attached to them out there. Good luck for the 26th and the x-rays. The internet might get fixed tomorrow....MIGHT.

  18. Sorry to read that you are unwell, and Snippet with the poorly foot. Oh these ailments, so tiresome and always come at the wrong time. Love the pictures of the little foal, what a sweetie. Here's wishing you all well and better soon.

  19. I love seeing your birds and the foal is beautiful and looks so soft, and healthy too!! I hope you and Snippet feel better and enjoy the week!

  20. Hope you do get better both of you, what a wretched time. Photos of the little foal are gorgeous he is so sweet. X

  21. Such lovely photos - the foal is so cute :) Wonderful! Hope you get some news re: Daisy soon

    So sorry to hear you are not well - hope you feel a lot better soon.

    Poor Snippet - hope he gets better soon too.

    When I mentioned either on Blogger or Twitter that our GSW's had gone AWOL - someone commented that they often go missing at this time of year as they are setting up territories for nesting.

    Hope you get your internet sorted soon - nothing more frustrating :(

  22. Ann - Thank you....Snippet seems to have made a miraculous recovery today thanks to drugs!

    Kim - I hope you're feeling better too Kim.

    Thelma - Very shy at the moment but so was Lizzy to start with. I wonder how she is?

    RR - that's really interesting about the GSW's; at first, thanks to too much US Crime drama, I thought you were talking about Gun Shot Wounds!

    Internet is NOT sorted even after telling me it would be today. Grrr.

  23. I love Baby time ! Poor boy Snippet. xx

  24. He's almost back to normal - thank Cindy. Isn't it amazing how quickly they can recuperate!

  25. What a beautiful foal! It's coat looks so soft!

  26. The foal and the nuthatch are delightful.... Now I will confuse all of your followers withth is statement but send me your address and I will send you a WONDERFUL scotch egg x

  27. Our wolf dog is fussing about a hurting toe, just like yours, and our coydog had his first run-in of the year with a rattler: his nose is swolen. Really the more dogs you've got...But I know mine will be fine soon, they are tough. I hope you and yours are too! And your internet as well!

  28. Chine Cats - If I could get close enough I would bury my hand in it....

    John - Don't know if you'll read this but I'll definitely get my address to you! Am hoping I'll find your email address somewhere on your blog...

    Margarethe - Snippet is miraculously recovered - thank you. I don't think it was a broken toe!


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