2 April 2013


On Sunday, I got an overwhelming urge to see the sea. So, we set off for Teignmouth with a picnic and high hopes of winter sunshine for an Easter outing. The sun disappeared as we entered the town and a small amount of sleet began to hit the windscreen. I opened the car door after parking, only to have it whipped out of my hand by the gale force wind, narrowly missing the car parked next to us, whose owners were still inside. Very sensible. I took Snippet down to the beach while Origami boy and partner headed for the slightly more sheltered playground. The cold on the beach was indescribable. Every time I took my glove off to use the camera, my hand became numb in seconds. When I eventually gave up and headed to meet the others, I was delighted to see them in a queue for freshly fried and DEEPLY unhealthy donuts. I'd never had one before but the bag made a fabulous hand-warmer until they disappeared into out mouths. Picnic in the car; I don't think I need explain why. Another go on the beach trying to photograph constantly moving seagulls with limited success, and then the decision agreed on by all to cut our losses and go home. I hope the pictures feel as cold as it was but I doubt it.

The seagulls were picking these common Otter Shells (I think) out of the sand and flying off with them. This one was dropped and then rejected.....perhaps it wasn't fresh enough any more!

On Saturday, Daisy made a bit of an error and brought some gate-crashers up the drive with her; five of them. Certain neighbours were not happy and the gate to the moor was closed. Poor Daisy was NOT happy and was seen hanging around looking miserable most of the day. 

The gate was open last night and there she was this morning, munching away again. You can see how blocked the cattle grid is from this picture and why it's so easy for her to pop across. 

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I spotted Trigger having his photo taken by tourists every time I passed the field. I bet they wouldn't have bothered if his bald shoulder patches were out! It's still too cold to get the rug off. Until next time, here's Snippet enjoying the sea.


  1. It looks ABSOLUTELY freezing! You're a brave woman to even venture out for photos Em. Even Snippet looks cold! Perhaps you could charge tourists to photograph Trigger and he could earn his own keep that way? CT x

  2. I agree it does look flipping cold, mind you it's not much better here.

    I haven't seen a cattle grill in a long time, I haven't seen one over here. Common as muck when we lived in Cumbria.


  3. CT - Good idea! £1.00 a shot perhaps in a box by the gate? We get some very rich tourists walking past from the Gidleigh Park Hotel....

    Gill - It seems to be cold all over the Northern Hemisphere. I've really had enough now!

  4. Bitter here too. I think you were very brave to get out of the car at the seaside!

    Daisy looks to be bagging up so perhaps the new arrival will arrive soon?

  5. Brrrr!! It looked and sounded awfully bleak Em and your photos convey that, you were very brave or do I mean foolish? No, that would be rude ;-) I remember having a similar whim some years ago, the difference being that for us it is a three hour drive to get to the nearest place to see the sea. it was bitterly cold and the sea was so far out we didn't even get a glimpse!!

    OB and friend definitely had a good idea with the warming snack and Snippet seemed to be having a good time. Great gull photos.

    I had to laugh about Daisy bringing the gatecrashers :-)

  6. Looks like our day out yesterday! but I confess to fish and chips :-D

  7. BB - I really hope so. She was the first to foal last year and it was about three days after I wrote my first post. Lovely sun today!

    Shy SB - Daisy looked really perturbed when it happened.....she's a bit of a loner usually. No - it wouldn't be rude to say I was foolish; it would be entirely accurate!

    Kath - Nowhere of any fish-and-chippiness was open or I would have done the same!

  8. I can just imagine the freezing conditions down there. I was out all day yesterday in the Big Freeze and had to keep rushing back into an office to warm up! brrr. ...and when will that pony pop her bundle! she looks like she is about to explode. lol.

  9. Very impressed with your seagull pics in that fierce wind..

    What a shame we didn't get today's weather on Sunday. It's the first time I've been out this year without having to be bundled up in layers of fleece.

  10. Click and pray photography. Thank goodness for the digital age!

  11. Lovely photos - and yes it does look cold! Sounds like the type of weather we had in Norfolk!

    Snippet looks as though he is enjoying himself :)

    Poor Daisy - hope it warms up a bit before she has her foal.

  12. Even Snippet in his fur coat looks frozen! Cold up here too but then we
    expect that but not down your way - in April.

  13. RR - Daisy hasn't been seen for 24 hours so I;m wondering if she's gone off to do the business.....

    Weaver - It's absolutely ridiculous. However, I've noticed the Alder in my stripy hedge that I planted a year and a half ago, is beginning to show signs of life....hoorah!

  14. I miss the sea too sometimes especially at Whitby, LS misses the fish and chips. There is something about the excitement of the seaside (like fried donuts)the smell of the sea and those seagulls that live by the sea as they are supposed to..

  15. Yes - we get them hovering over fields here sometimes and it's just not right!

  16. Goodness! I had shivers right up my back just looking at those photos! Snippet didn't mind a bit though! I hope the Farmer gets his fields covered without getting the big tractor stuck ... or it gouging the fields too deeply.

    Yesterday I tried to wish you luck with your talk, but the computer was being uncooperative... Please do show us your photos,

  17. Hi Virginia! This comment sounds like it might have been for the Weaver of Grass! Hope all's well in NZ.


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