20 April 2013


Whilst out searching for Daisy (again) yesterday, I came across these two lovely new foals. Since they were numbered last year, I'll give them letters this time. So, the black one is A, and these two B (above) and C the one with the strange little shoulder mark. Here they are.

Here's C.....

And both together.........

When I went to feed Trigger his vast bucket of food this morning, I was shocked to find the shrinking violets transformed into a rampaging pack of socialites, eager to steal the aforementioned food. I spent half an hour fighting them off. Delightful though they are, I'm beginning to wish they'd stayed deep in the gorse forest in fear. I don't really mean that - it's great that Trig has some company, even if they're not exactly being friendly yet. Here are some pictures I managed to take between wafting my arms at them as they adopted a pincer movement attack. 

All together....sort of

When I went to Exeter for the shoulder physio, that turned out to just be a chat with the specialist and out again in three minutes flat, I stopped off in Drewsteignton like last time, to give Snippet a run. In a field down the bridle path, I saw this absolutely enchanting lamb. 

And these with their mum...

I will absolutely not post again until I've found Daisy and her the meantime could you all please think of some suitable names for what I think may well be a filly? Black flowers perhaps? 

Until next time, here's Trigger in the morning sun today; the terrifying threesome were creeping up on me as I took this. Have a great Sunday.


  1. Aww, love these photos. What adorable little foals. The one with the shoulder mark is so cute, the mark changed shape when the foal changed position. I thought Triggers companions looked rather 'serious'...perhaps they were wondering why the paparazzi had suddenly turned up! (laugh).

  2. I wonder if his lack of flappy blue rug might have made them less nervous. Isn't that shoulder mark sweet?

  3. Oh those foals..!
    Am travelling across the moor tomorrow, camera at the ready..

  4. You do take magnificent photos! Those head and shoulders ones are outstanding.

  5. Fab photos as always. I just adored the black lamb, I can't think of anything cuter.

  6. Em - of all the posts I read yours is the one which makes me envious of where you live. The Yorkshire Dales is such a beautiful area and I never want to live anywhere else until I see those foals and then I am absolutely green with envy.
    As for names - can't think of a single one - I think I would have to see them and get to know them first.

    Do any of the mares get into difficulties when foaling and if so - what happens = do they get help or have they gone too far away to be found?

    What an interesting mark on the left shoulder of that foal.

  7. Beautiful photos Em. The foals and lambs are just so adorable.

    Hope you catch up with Daisy soon :)

  8. I tried to reply to most of you this morning but the stupid internet crashed and lost everything I'd written! Here goes again....

    Rusty D - I wonder where you'll be passing....I look forward to any pictures...

    Chris - Thank you. Compliments very much appreciated!

    Kath - Neither can I. I had to restrain myself as the temptation to leap over the fence was very strong.

    Weaver - Unfortunately, they just die if they get into trouble. We found a week old corpse, half eaten and very smelly about four weeks ago. Definitely a mother and foal. At least they get eaten. The bones will be picked clean by now I'm sure. They tend to go a long way out to a sheltered place off any paths where they can't be seen, so there's not a lot to be done. You can buy a yearling for five pounds at the sales so it would really be better f less of them reproduced. I didn't see a stallion at all last year and yet there are still a lot of the mares in foal out there. Potentially meat for the continent I'm afraid. Sorry to be doom laden but on a positive note, I've just seen daisy and her foal. Beautiful and she belongs to the same person as Betty and Lizzy, who is extremely caring and responsible.

    RR - I have! Photos to follow....

  9. They are all beautiful Em and you are right about that lamb it really is enchanting! The shoulder mark looks like an advert for Bonios!

    So glad you have located Daisy and her foal, I will look forward to your next post.

  10. It is a bit bone-like isn't it? I'm hoping to get those Daisy ones on tonight.....

  11. Lovely baby photos! The one with the large snip is so cute! The black lamb is darling also.

    Love the antics of Triggers companions. Amazing how food brings the snobs around. Or maybe it is the fact he doesn't have his blanket on anymore?

  12. Definitely the blanket - I had to put it on again in the pouring cold rain this afternoon and they were clearly terrified. However, because they saw me put it on, they haven't actually disappeared. They're being a bit mean to him....lots of kicking out and squealing!


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